iFi GO Bar Kensei review: the stylish steel swordsman of portable DACs

iFi GO Bar Kensei review: Two-minute review The iFi GO Bar Kensei is another reminder that iFi knows precisely what’s what when it comes to headphone amps and DACs of all shapes, sizes and prices. More often than not, it’s among the leaders in any given market. And so it’s decided what the humble USB … Read more

CMF By Nothing Buds review: stylish budget earbuds with a vibrant flair

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Stylish desk mat comes with integrated wireless charging

The Zagg Desk Mat with Wireless Charging helps keep clutter off your desk. Photo: Zagg The Zagg Desk Mat with Wireless Charging keeps your iPhone and other gear juiced up while also acting as a nonslip workspace, organizer, mousepad and stylus holder. It launched Thursday. This post contains affiliate links. Cult of Mac may earn … Read more

These super stylish designer wireless speakers by Elac have HDMI and a phono stage for your turntable, too

Many of the best wireless speakers are functional, designed with only their audio performance in mind. But others are designed to be looked at as well as listened too. That’s definitely the case for the rather beautiful speakers pictured above, the Adsum and Elac Debut ConneX DCB41 speakers.  The rather clunky name is because these … Read more

Men’s Puffer Jackets: A Guide To Staying Warm And Stylish All Winter Long

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