5 of the most sonically gifted speakers I heard at High End Munich 2024

Munich’s annual High End Show is a must for the audiophile – a nerve center for hi-fi’s elite leaders to converge, converse, build wildly expensive sound systems and showcase their oeuvre. The 2024 show kicked off on Thursday May 9 (10am-6pm) for press and trade visitors only – but on Saturday May 11 (10am-6pm) and Sunday … Read more

Q Acoustics 3000c: probably the most affordable speakers at High End Munich

In case you’ve yet to be introduced to High End Munich (don’t worry, they’re a very friendly bunch), it’s where the elite hi-fi brands go to flex – see the wild audio experiences, the outrageously expensive system separates or the mind-blowing headphones I’ve been lucky enough to try over the years.  So, Q Acoustics’ new … Read more

Edifier speakers rock slick MacBook Pro rig [Setups]

If you’ve read much of Cult of Mac’s computer setups coverage, you know we love good audio. And we love it more when it’s high-value, where the sound is great despite affordable pricing. Edifier R1280T speakers meet that mark. Edifier is a brand that has long lived in that space. And today’s MacBook Pro and … Read more

Best Sonos Setup (2024): Which Speakers and Soundbars Should You Buy?

Here at WIRED, we like Sonos speakers. We really do. Throughout the past decade, we’ve reviewed all of the company’s wirelessly connectable speakers, from its small shelf speakers to its TV soundbars, and we’ve recommended every one of them. But turning your home into a Sonos-powered shrine to sound isn’t cheap. Like Apple products, Sonos … Read more

This super-cool music player is like an iPad and hi-res music streamer in one – and it works with Sonos and Bluetooth as well as wired speakers

Italian hi-fi maker Volumio has just launched a new audio device called the Motivo Streamer, Transport & Headphone Amplifier, which is best described as a high-res music streamer and iPad rolled into one compact and stylish package.  To control the device, Volumio has combined a sleek-looking 8-inch touchscreen with a retro-styled haptic control dial to … Read more

Sonos refurbished speakers and soundbars: Hurry while they last

Sonos first-gen Beam soundbar at 25% off is one of the deals you can grab. Photo: Sonos A lot of folks love Apple audio products like HomePod speakers and AirPods earbuds. But another cherished audio brand is running a promotion right now you don’t want to miss. That would be 25% off Sonos refurbished speakers … Read more

KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers drive setup’s clear sound

A more than capable M3 Pro MacBook Pro powers today’s computer setup, but its six-speaker sound system won’t be needed. That’s because the medical student who own the rig has the good taste to include fantastic KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers. He’ll just have to keep the powerful speakers’ volume in check to avoid having … Read more

Sonos refurbished speakers and soundbars are up to $170 off right now

A speaker doesn’t have to be brand new to sound good. Sonos speakers get high marks in our reviews and buying guides and the company has one of the better refurbished programs out there. Right now, you can grab a refurbished Sonos Arc SL soundbar for $509, which is $170 off the refurbished price and … Read more

Sony debuts Bravia Theater line of Dolby Atmos soundbars and speakers

Sony didn’t announce any new home theater audio gear at CES, so it was only a matter of time before the company would reveal its latest soundbars and speakers. Today, the company unveiled its new Bravia Theater line, a moniker that the company’s soundbars and living room speakers will carry for the foreseeable future. Sony … Read more

Sony’s new ULT Bluetooth speakers are bringing back the ’90s bass boost button

Sony just announced a trio of new speakers in a new line of audio products called the ULT Power Series. This is an attempt by the company to reduce some of the clutter involved with its naming conventions, so and XE-Series products. Both lines are being wrapped up into the ULT Power Series branding. To … Read more