Leonardo DiCaprio cuestionó uno de los momentos clásicos de Titanic

Para alguien como DiCaprio, que en ese momento tenía fama de mujeriego (era miembro de un grupo de hombres que… Famoso como “Pussy Posse”) Y presumiblemente estaba pensando mucho en su imagen y su factor genial en ese momento, por lo que es posible que puedas imaginar lo que se sentiría estar parado en un … Read more

Leonardo Motion AI video creator available for free

Imagine being able to breathe life into your still images, turning them into captivating, animated videos with ease. This is now possible with Leonardo Motion AI, a cutting-edge tool that blends the artistry of image creation with the latest in technology. With this platform, you can animate your pictures without any hassle, and you have … Read more

Leonardo Ai API now available for individuals and businesses

The development team at Leonardo Ai have recently announced the launch of its new Production API. This cutting-edge development now allows both individuals and businesses to integrate the companies AI art generator into their systems and applications. This is a significant step forward in the integration of AI into business workflows and is also availability … Read more

Leonardo Ai Alchemy 2 and new custom SDXL models announced

Leonardo AI has just announced the release of Alchemy 2, a new standard in creative output. This advanced pipeline, which has been a celebrated tool in the creative process, is now stepping up its game with an unprecedented level of detail and control for AI art creators. The release of Leonardo Ai Alchemy 2 is … Read more