Submarine and terrestrial cable damages lead recent internet disruptions

Submarine and terrestrial cables carry communications signals, such as internet traffic, across oceans and over land – and are often heavily insulated to prevent them from being damaged. However, with enough determination and a little bit of ingenuity even cables in the deepest waters can be damaged, whether intentionally or not. The latest report from … Read more

CISOs are nervous Gen AI use could lead to more security breaches

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) are becomingly ever more concerned the increasing use of Generative AI tools could lead to more cybersecurity incidents. A new pape by security experts Metomic surveying more than 400 CISOs in the UK and the US found security breaches linked to generative AI worry almost three-quarters (72%) of the respondents. … Read more

Netflix’s Wednesday season 2 cast clicks into gear with Westworld star addition as Apple’s Neuromancer series finds its lead

There’s good news for fans of William Gibson’s fictional AI Neuromancer and Wednesday, the ongoing tales of Charles Addams’ creepy and kooky family. Both shows’ already impressive casts have just announced some equally impressive new additions.  First up, BAFTA award-nominated Callum Turner from Masters of the Air and The Boys in the Boat is going … Read more

Do climate lawsuits lead to action? Researchers assess their impact

Climate litigation is in the spotlight again after a landmark decision last week. The top European human-rights court deemed that the Swiss government was violating its citizens’ human rights through its lack of climate action. The case, brought by more than 2,000 older women, is one of more than 2,300 climate lawsuits that have been … Read more

the $400-million grant setback that shaped the Smithsonian lead scientist’s career

Losing a funding competition didn’t set Ellen Stofan back — instead, she did a career pivot, and came across new opportunities.Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky In 2021, planetary scientist Ellen Stofan was appointed undersecretary of science and research at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, the US national research and museum complex. There, she oversees its scientific … Read more

AI can help to tailor drugs for Africa — but Africans should lead the way

Genetic differences between individuals can affect how they respond to drugs.Credit: Jekesai Njikizana/AFP/Getty How a person will respond to a drug is, in part, determined by their genetics. Africa holds the world’s most genetically diverse human population, and the United Nations estimates that, by 2050, the continent will be home to nearly 25% of the … Read more

AI will lead to cut in human workers, executives admit

New research has found implementing AI tools across various business functions is likely to reduce human workforces over the next five years. The survey from Adecco of senior-level execs from 2,000 large companies worldwide alluded to AI’s negative impacts on the workforce after many had eased their concerns in recent months, and many more became … Read more

Who should lead your AI initiative?

With the rapid rise in AI and generative AI, enterprises who initially experimented with select AI use cases are now reimagining company-wide processes and strategies for how the business fundamentally operates. McKinsey estimates that in the enterprise, AI adoption has more than doubled since 2017 with investments going up each year. AI will continue to … Read more