I fell out of love with the lab, and in love with business

Karolina Makovskytė is head of business development at the firm Caszyme, which specializes in CRISPR-based molecular tools.Credit: Caszyme, LLC archive Voices from Lithuania In May, Lithuania marks 20 years of European Union membership. The Baltic country is keen to develop its global presence in the life sciences and biotechnology sectors by retaining home-grown talent, persuading … Read more

Virologist who was first to share COVID genome is shut out of lab in China

The first person to publicly release the genome sequence of the virus that causes COVID-19 — virologist Zhang Yongzhen — appears to have resolved a public dispute with the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center (SPHCC), Fudan University, that erupted last week. Zhang had been photographed camping outside his laboratory since Sunday, after the SPHCC closed … Read more

Apple Hired Dozens of AI Experts From Google for a Secretive Zurich Research Lab

Apple has poached dozens of artificial intelligence experts from Google and created a “secretive European laboratory” in Zurich to house a new team of staff tasked with building new AI models and products, according to a paywalled Financial Times report. Based on an analysis of LinkedIn profiles conducted by FT, Apple has recruited at least … Read more

Retractions are part of science, but misconduct isn’t — lessons from a superconductivity lab

Superconductivity has been demonstrated at extremely low temperatures, but it remains elusive at room temperatures.Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory/SPL Research misconduct is hugely detrimental to science and to society. Defined as “fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research, or in reporting research results” by the US Office of Research Integrity, it violates trust … Read more

Long-lost photos reveal details of world’s first police crime lab

A photographic archive has been discovered in Lyon, France, that adds precious detail to what we know about the founding of the world’s first police crime laboratory in 1910 and its creator, Edmond Locard, a pioneer of forensic science. The huge collection, which comprises more than 20,000 glass photographic plates that document the laboratory’s pioneering … Read more

how pranking at work can lift lab spirits

Harmless lab pranks, such as spraying objects with unexpected scents or adding googly eyes, can lift spirits and encourage research-group bonding.Credit: Juj Winn/Getty On 1 April 2022, John Prensner, then a postdoctoral researcher in cancer biology, received a surprising letter. Typed on official-looking letterhead paper, the message outlined plans for a Smithsonian Institution exhibit dedicated … Read more

Inside China’s giant underground neutrino lab

Kaiping, China Seven hundred metres below the rolling green landscape of Kaiping, southeast China, construction workers are furiously finishing a 35-metre-diameter orb-shaped detector that aims to observe ghostly subatomic particles known as neutrinos in exquisite detail. If all goes to plan, the US$376 million Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) will be ready to start detecting … Read more

the inside story of deception in a rising star’s physics lab

In 2020, Ranga Dias was an up-and-coming star of the physics world. A researcher at the University of Rochester in New York, Dias achieved widespread recognition for his claim to have discovered the first room-temperature superconductor, a material that conducts electricity without resistance at ambient temperatures. Dias published that finding in a landmark Nature paper1. … Read more

JLab Epic Lab Edition true wireless earphones

JLab has unveiled its latest offering, the Epic Lab Edition true wireless earphones. These earbuds are not just another pair on the market; they are a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. With a price tag of £199.99, they are positioned as a premium option for those who take their listening seriously. … Read more