Meta’s massive OS announcement is more exciting than a Meta Quest 4 reveal, and VR will never be the same again

Meta has announced that its Meta Horizon OS will no longer be exclusive to its Quest headsets (such as the incredible Meta Quest 3), and this might be the most important news we’ll see in the XR space this decade. It’s an announcement I’ve been expecting for years – for reasons I’ll outline below – … Read more

What toilets can reveal about COVID, cancer and other health threats

In late 2020, COVID-19’s global death toll was rising as cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere and holiday gatherings spurred rapid transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in the absence of a vaccine. Scientists and public-health officials were desperate for new ways to track the virus, which often moved faster than contact tracers could follow it. Tong Zhang, … Read more

New DJI Avata 2 drone leaks reveal design, features, pricing, and more

DJI is scheduled to announce its new Avata 2 on April 11 yet that hasn’t stopped a flood of information about it leaking onto the internet. We even saw the drone itself being unboxed out in public late last month in a low-quality video. This new leak saw a series of hi-res images and specifications … Read more

Long-lost photos reveal details of world’s first police crime lab

A photographic archive has been discovered in Lyon, France, that adds precious detail to what we know about the founding of the world’s first police crime laboratory in 1910 and its creator, Edmond Locard, a pioneer of forensic science. The huge collection, which comprises more than 20,000 glass photographic plates that document the laboratory’s pioneering … Read more

Apple Researchers Reveal New AI System That Can Beat GPT-4

Apple researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system named ReALM (Reference Resolution as Language Modeling) that aims to radically enhance how voice assistants understand and respond to commands. In a research paper (via VentureBeat), Apple outlines a new system for how large language models tackle reference resolution, which involves deciphering ambiguous references to on-screen entities, … Read more