The latest Google Pixel 8a leaks hint at its design, software updates, and AI features

It’s a pretty good bet that the Google Pixel 8a is going to break cover at Google I/O 2024 on May 14, and as the day approaches, we’ve seen a pile of new leaks turn up that give us a better idea of what we can expect from this mid-ranger. First up is well-known tipster … Read more

Is ChatGPT corrupting peer review? Telltale words hint at AI use

A study suggests that researchers are using chatbots to assist with peer review.Credit: Rmedia7/Shutterstock A study that identified buzzword adjectives that could be hallmarks of AI-written text in peer-review reports suggests that researchers are turning to ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence (AI) tools to evaluate others’ work. The authors of the study1, posted on the … Read more

Planet-eating stars hint at hidden chaos in the Milky Way

A star in the process of consuming a planet (artist’s conception).Credit: NG Images/Alamy Stellar detectives have identified seven stars that recently dined on a rocky planet. The study doubles the number of binary stars known to have consumed a planet, and questions the perception that mature solar systems harbouring Earth-like planets are usually stable. The … Read more

Oldest stone tools in Europe hint at ancient humans’ route there

A stone tool from the archaeological site of Korolevo in western Ukraine.Credit: Roman Garba Stone tools found in western Ukraine date to roughly 1.4 million years ago1, archaeologists say. That means the tools are the oldest known artefacts in Europe made by ancient humans and offer insight into how and when our early relatives first … Read more

Buried vases hint that ancient Americans might have drunk tobacco

The Maya and other ancient Mesoamerican cultures smoked tobacco in the form of cigars. An analysis of ceramic vases suggests that some of these ancient peoples also consumed tobacco as a liquid infusion, probably as part of curative and purification practices1. Access options Access Nature and 54 other Nature Portfolio journals Get Nature+, our best-value … Read more

Rivian’s R2 pre-order numbers hint at pent-up demand for Musk-free EV innovation

Rivian’s R2 reservations are off to a hot start. On Friday, CEO RJ Scaringe posted on X that the automaker had taken more than 68,000 reservations for the SUV in less than 24 hours. Amid alarmingly weakened demand for electric vehicles, perhaps there’s a latent interest in innovative EV companies when they aren’t helmed by … Read more