The Real World (Hustlers University) Review: Is It Worth It?

Are you ready to go into a world that could provide you with financial success and real-life billionaire mentors? People are asking if The Real-World Tate online school lives up to its reputation and if they will profit from the real-world hustler’s university. You are in the right place to get all the answers to this question. This highly extensive post will address all your questions regarding the real world, Andrew Tate, and how to make money online.

What is The Real-World Andrew Tate?

The Real World (TRW) is an online school created by Andrew Tate to educate people on how to make money using more than ten online business models taught by 12 millionaire professors. It is a resource for novices and experts seeking new strategies for making money online. The real world is structured so that you can always find a business model that fits your status, financial resources, and even schedule.

The real world vs. Hustlers University: what happened?

The Real World is also known as The Hustlers University since Andrew Tate went from a course named Hustlers University that was housed on a Discord server to a course called The Real World that is now hosted by them and has more features. Andrew Tate has since pushed his Hustlers University students to enter the real world. Hustlers University 2.0, Hustlers University 3.0, and Hustlers University 4.0 were all released at some point.

History of The Real World

Initially known as Hustlers University, the initiative began as a discord server with multiple sections dedicated to a particular aspect of online earning. However, after Andrew Tate was canceled, the discord moderators withdrew this server entirely, forcing Andrew Tate’s team to construct an independent web app for education.

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Individuals are equipped with all the resources they need for rapid wealth creation and execution through making money online, thanks to step-by-step lessons and access to various profitable business models such as e-commerce, copywriting, freelancing, and more, as well as advanced education mentorship from multi-millionaire experts.

The Core Concept Behind the Real World

Many people find an idea central to The Real-World inspiring. Andrew Tate’s program offers students a curriculum centered on various company concepts and coaching from real-life millionaires to guarantee they have the resources they need for financial success. The Real World’s comprehensive introduction would benefit those willing to invest $50 monthly in learning these income-generating skills.

Courses Offered in The Real World

The Real World offers students a comprehensive course selection of over 100 videos and painstakingly created lessons that teach students modern money-making fundamentals. They are as follows:

  • Copywriting
  • Freelancing
  • Freelancing arbitrage
  • Content creation
  • UGC campus
  • Crypto
  • Nfts and Defi
  • E-commerce
  • Dropshipping
  • Amazon FBA
  • Business and Finance
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Fitness

Real Worlds provides a variety of courses with carefully designed programs to help you quickly acquire the skills needed for financial success.

The Real-World pros and cons


  1. Excellent course content that can lead to wealth.
  2. Very affordable compared to other financial courses.
  3. Fast and responsive support team.
  4. There are numerous business models from which to gain insight.
  5. There is a community of people ready to chat with you and answer your questions.
  6. There is no BS your results will depend on the work you put in.
  7. Live conversations for particular campuses’ students
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  • No free trial
  • No refund once you sign up
  • No PayPal payment method; only card and crypto payment
  • Info overload and feeling overwhelmed by the numerous campuses.

Is The Real World (Hustlers University) legit?

The real world is a great platform and has many positive reviews online. The platform is best for beginners looking to make money online. It is also very affordable compared to the thousands of dollars charged for courses in the same industry.

How to Join the Real World

The Real World (Formerly Hustlers University) is an ideal educational opportunity for those seeking to improve their financial future. The only requirements are internet access and a desire to learn. Prepare for exploration after purchasing a subscription through the official website and receiving an email confirmation.

The Real-World professors, community, and support team

In the Real World, there are more than ten professors who are subject matter experts. Andrew Tate chose them because they have amassed millions of dollars using the business model they teach. In addition, a support team is available to address all of your questions. You will also have access to a community of over 300,000 students who are all learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the real world a pyramid scheme?

The real world is not a pyramid scheme, because it teaches you a distinct business model.

Can I join the real world from anywhere in the world?

Yes, it is possible to join the actual world from anywhere in the world, and it is also possible to profit from what you are taught from anywhere in the world.

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Do I need capital after joining the real world?

For some business models, capital is required, whereas for others, it is not.

Does age really matter?

Andrew Tate advises those under the age of 18 to obtain parental or guardian permission.

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