Star Wars should learn from Andor and stop making Disney Plus shows that are so obsessed with the Jedi

I very much enjoyed the Obi-Wan Kenobi, and stuck it out with Star Wars: Ahsoka, when this highly anticipated Star Wars TV duo landed on Disney Plus. But, by the time the credits had rolled on the latter in mid-2023, I think I’ve had my fill of Jedi-led stories in Lucasfilm’s iconic galaxy far, far … Read more

Stop using these stupid, stupid passwords immediately

“Another fool who used ‘123456.’ Time to harvest some credit card numbers.” Photo: Nikita Belokhonov/Pexels Some people simply can’t stop using stupid, weak passwords. An analysis of the phrases used to secure various accounts in 2023 finds that “123456” was used 4.5 million times, making it the most popular. And the rest of the top … Read more

Your phone’s blue light won’t actually stop you sleeping, according to an expert – but your phone is still the problem

We all have days when we use our phones right before going to bed, even though we know we shouldn’t. Admit it. We know our phones keep us awake. Some people try to mitigate the negative effects on sleep with blue-light glasses, which claim to block out rhythm-affecting blue tones in screen light, but if … Read more

This Android TV update will stop your Gmail details from being exposed

The thing about Android TV is that it’s Android, the same operating system used by tablets and smartphones – and that’s good, because it’s very powerful. But it also means that it’s quite complex, and that complexity inevitably leads to the odd loophole. The latest such loophole on Android TVs could potentially let other people access … Read more

Boston Dynamics reveals its most astonishing humanoid robot so far – and I can’t stop watching it

Boston Dynamics all but trade-marked jaw-dropping robot videos with its hydraulics-power Atlas robot’s dancing and parkouring videos. Now it’s upped the ante and I’m scraping my jaw off the floor again after watching the brief introduction video for its all-electric and completely redesigned Atlas robot. The All New Atlas is Boston Dynamic’s first all-electric humanoid … Read more

Top AI researcher says AI will end humanity and we should stop developing it now — but don’t worry, Elon Musk disagrees

Here’s something cheery to consider the next time you use an AI tool. Most people involved in artificial intelligence think it could end humanity. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the odds of it happening vary wildly depending on who you listen to. p(doom) is the “probability of doom” or the chances … Read more

Here’s exactly when to stop drinking caffeine for the best chance of a great night’s sleep

Can’t start your day without a hearty dose of coffee? Regularly brew a cup of green tea after lunch? While these caffeinated drinks offer health benefits that go beyond helping you perk up and stay focused, relying on them in high quantities and/or drinking up too late in the day could mean bad news for … Read more

“Sleep happens” – it’s time to stop micromanaging your nights, says sleep specialist

When you think about how well you are sleeping, one factor that probably comes into it is the number of hours you’re clocking up each night. All of today’s best sleep trackers report this kind of data. But focusing on these numbers could be doing more harm than good, according to Angela Kondinska, a neuroscientist … Read more

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