Great news for 4K Blu-ray fans – 2 big stores will now stock discs

With streaming services bundling up and raising prices, investing in DVDs or 4K Blu-rays is starting to sound like a good idea; it lets you watch the title whenever you’d like and avoid making a recurring purchase. And if you already collect Blu-rays, have a collection, or are inclined to try them, we have some … Read more

iPad Air Stock Running Low Ahead of New Model Introduction

Retail stock of the current iPad Air is starting to dwindle ahead of the widely anticipated arrival of new models early next month, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman reports. Citing sources at multiple retail stores in the latest “Power On” newsletter, Gurman said that inventory levels of the ‌iPad Air‌ are diminishing in Apple stores, a typical … Read more

Elago makes fun, functional Apple accessories, and we stock 173

Elago makes a staggering array of accessories for Apple products, from Apple Watch bands and device chargers to iPad stands and whimsical cases that look like classic gear from yesteryear. The Cult of Mac Store offers 173 Elago products for sale. Check them out, and see some highlights below. Elago Apple accessories: Fun and functional … Read more

Using CrewAI for business research and stock analysis with AI

Reading through pages and pages of financial documents, graphs and data can be a long and laborious task to pick out the next businesses that might make it big. However thanks to the explosion of artificial intelligence over the last 18 months the process has been made extremely easy. Allowing you to harness AI to … Read more

How to sell AI generated images on Adobe Stock

Artificial intelligence has made it extremely easy to create AI generated images, photos and illustrations using services such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Leonardo AI, OpenAI DallE 3 and others. However creating specific images for certain markets still requires skills and knowledge on how to prompt the AI generator correctly. If you have been developing your … Read more