iOS 18’s Rumored AI Features for Siri, Spotlight, and More Revealed in New Report

Apple system features such as Siri and Spotlight Search are set to receive new AI features that work across apps like Messages, Mail, and Safari, AppleInsider reports. Safari will apparently gain a text summarization tool called Intelligent Browsing that allows users to generate a short summary of any webpage, and ‌Siri‌ could gain a similar … Read more

Ketamine is in the spotlight thanks to Elon Musk — but is it the right treatment for depression?

Crystals of ketamine, which is growing in popularity as a treatment for depression and anxiety.Credit: M. I. Walker/Science Photo Library The drug ketamine is enjoying a second life. First developed as an anaesthetic that was used widely by US battlefield surgeons during the Vietnam war, it is growing in popularity for treating depression and other … Read more

A spotlight on the stark imbalances of global health research

Credit: Taj Francis Last year, the Nature Index was broadened to include author affiliations from articles in more than 60 medical journals. The expansion, which covers all major disciplines and specialities in clinical medicine and surgery, offers new insights into global publishing trends in the health sciences. This is the first supplement to explore some … Read more

Blink’s new Mini 2 offers a built-in spotlight and person detection for $40

Blink is once again attempting to challenge conventional wisdom about how good a $40 security camera can be. The Amazon-owned company is today announcing the Blink Mini 2, which crams in plenty more smart features into that relatively tiny body. Headline features include better image quality day and night, as well as a built-in LED … Read more

Boost Your Mac Workflow: 15 Clever Spotlight Hacks

If you’re looking to elevate your productivity and streamline your daily tasks on a Mac, mastering Spotlight is a game-changer. This powerful search utility, accessible with a simple Command + Space shortcut, is much more than a file finder—it’s a versatile tool designed to enhance efficiency and save time. In the video below from Aim … Read more