I spent a day with Rabbit r1 and it’s a beautiful mess that I’m not sure anyone needs

When I first tried the iPhone 17 years ago, I described it as a “think-do” device. It was a beautiful yet complex piece of technology so intuitive that it required no manual or real guidance from anyone. Somehow, in the development of the Rabbit r1 pocketable AI assistant, Rabbit missed this lesson and delivered a … Read more

Notice: Apple ID Balances in Singapore Cannot Be Spent Starting July 1

Starting July 1, it will no longer be possible to spend an Apple ID balance in Singapore, according to an Apple support document spotted by MacRumors contributor Aaron Perris. Apple did not provide an explanation for this decision, but it appears to relate to new regulations introduced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Apple says … Read more

Want to break the geekiest world record of them all? Here’s how engineers spent 75 days to calculate Pi to 105 trillion digits — just in time for Pi day

Engineers at StorageReview decided to do something incredibly geeky for this year’s Pi day (March 14 – 3/14) – beat their own record for calculating Pi. Considering that the previous record, achieved last year, was 100 trillion digits, the challenge was no mean feat. While – spoiler alert – they smashed the record, it did … Read more

HMRC spent millions on kit for remote working staff

A freedom of information (FOI) request submitted by Parliament Street, a Conservative Party aligned think tank, has found HMRC has spent over £80 million on hybrid working technology over the last three years. In a breakdown of its spending, HMRC disclosed that 175,250 devices were purchased for its staff in order to allow 95% of … Read more