This cybercrime group uses the most basic tactics around — but they seem to be working just fine

Hacking techniques don’t have to be particularly advanced to be successful. Case in point – Lazy Koala. Cybersecurity researchers from Positive Technologies Expert Security Center (PT ESC) recently uncovered a new threat actor, which they dubbed Lazy Koala. Nothing about this group is notably progressive or sophisticated, but it is achieving outstanding results. As per … Read more

He Got a Pig Kidney Transplant. Now Doctors Need to Keep It Working

Other than rejection of the organ, one of the most common transplant complications is infection. Doctors have to strike a balance when prescribing immunosuppressive drugs: too low a dose can lead to rejection, while too much can make a patient vulnerable to infection. Immunosuppressants are powerful drugs that can cause a range of side effects, … Read more

Samsung is working on two FE foldable phones, odd screenshots claim

Last updated: April 3rd, 2024 at 14:34 UTC+02:00 Amid the latest reports that Samsung is working on a pricier and more premium Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant, two intriguing screenshots have emerged through the land of X (formerly Twitter). They suggest that Samsung is developing cheaper versions of its foldable devices under the Fan Edition … Read more

Netflix’s 3 Body Problem isn’t a universal success, but its creators are already working on season 2

3 Body Problem, the new Netflix series from the creators of Game of Thrones, is getting mixed reviews from viewers – but its creators are reportedly already preparing for a second season. As we said in our review of the sci-fi series, Netflix is taking a big gamble with the show. The books by Liu … Read more

Instagram porn bots’ latest tactic is ridiculously low-effort, but it’s working

Porn bots are more or less ingrained in the social media experience, despite platforms’ best efforts to stamp them out. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing them flooding the comments sections of memes and celebrities’ posts, and, if you have a public account, you’ve probably noticed them watching and liking your stories. But their behavior keeps … Read more

Apple Working on Solution for EU Core Technology Fee Possibly Bankrupting Apps That Go Unexpectedly Viral

Since Apple announced plans for the 0.50 euro Core Technology Fee that apps distributed using the new EU App Store business terms must pay, there have been ongoing concerns about what that fee might mean for a developer that suddenly has a free app go viral. Apple’s VP of regulatory law Kyle Andeers today met … Read more

HMRC spent millions on kit for remote working staff

A freedom of information (FOI) request submitted by Parliament Street, a Conservative Party aligned think tank, has found HMRC has spent over £80 million on hybrid working technology over the last three years. In a breakdown of its spending, HMRC disclosed that 175,250 devices were purchased for its staff in order to allow 95% of … Read more

Intel joins the MLCommons AI Safety Working Group

Intel is making strides in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) safety and recently become a founding member of the AI Safety (AIS) working group, organized by MLCommons. This marks a significant step in Intel’s ongoing commitment to responsibly advancing AI technologies. What is the MLCommons AI Safety Working Group? The MLCommons AI Safety Working … Read more