Wacom’s first OLED pen display is also the thinnest and lightest it has ever made

Wacom displays and tablets have been handy tools for artists and designers since the 1980s, offering to swap a mouse for a pen for drawing, photo editing and more. That lineage includes pen displays: screens that connect to your computer that you draw on directly with a stylus. But, Wacom says it has created something … Read more

Dell’s lightest ever laptop has just launched and no, it’s not an XPS 13 — the Latitude 7350 weighs just over two pounds and is unashamedly premium

After unveiling a range of XPS laptops at CES, Dell introduced ten new Latitude laptops at MWC 2024, including a new 7350 variant. Weighing from just 2.18lb (0.989kg), it’s available as a laptop or a 2-in-1 (with a detachable model arriving soon). As expected from Dell, you can customize its configuration to suit your needs.  … Read more

HP’s lightest laptop could be the most powerful sub-1Kg notebook released yet — Aero 13 ultrabook has a tiny price tag, a super fast Ryzen 7 CPU but you have to wait till May to buy it

Last year we called the HP Pavilion Aero 13 “probably the best value-for-money light laptop on the market right now” and it’s about to get an upgrade that will make it ever better. The Pavilion Aero 13 2024 model, which could potentially be the most powerful sub-1Kg notebook on the market, packs a punch with … Read more

Worlds lightest 120 PSI portable bicycle pump from $79

Imagine you’re miles into a breathtaking ride, and you feel your bike’s performance dipping. Tire pressure – it’s a cyclist’s constant challenge. Enter the EausAir bicycle pump, a game-changer in your cycling experience. This nifty gadget isn’t just a tool; it’s your ride’s best friend, ensuring smooth, safe, exhilarating rides every time. Crafted from high-strength … Read more