Adobe Firefly’s latest image model looks like a generational leap and I can’t wait to try it

Adobe Firefly is already a hit with Photoshop users of all stripes but this next iteration could make the generative image tool that does not rely on publicly-scrapped images indispensable. This week, at its Adobe Max in London, the company announced an update to its Photoshop Firefly generative AI utility that deepens the integration and … Read more

AMD teams up with Arm to unveil AI chip family that does preprocessing, inference and postprocessing on one silicon — but you will have to wait more than 12 months to get actual products

AMD is introducing two new adaptive SoCs – Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2 for AI-driven embedded systems, and Versal Prime Series Gen 2 for classic embedded systems. Multi-chip solutions typically come with significant overheads but single hardware architecture isn’t fully optimized for all three AI phases – preprocessing, AI inference, and postprocessing.  To tackle … Read more

Android 15 Beta 1 is here; now we wait for One UI 7.0 Beta release

Google released the first beta version of Android 15 last week, a couple of months after its first Developer Preview version. Android 15 Beta 1 is now available for all compatible Pixel smartphones and tablets. Android 15 features will be publicly showcased during Google I/O 2024, which will happen on May 14. Hopefully, Samsung will … Read more

Intel unveils flurry of new Arc GPUs — however serious graphics users will have to wait for more powerful models, as these focus on a completely different and more lucrative market

Two years after the debut of its Arc Alchemist GPUs, Intel is launching six new Arc products, but these are designed for edge/embedded systems.  These edge systems, which process data near the source to reduce latency and bandwidth use, are becoming increasingly essential in areas such as IoT, autonomous vehicles, and AI applications. As Intel … Read more

Could Tesla be about to make its own silicon? Even Elon Musk isn’t sure — but let’s wait and see if it wants to take on Samsung and TSMC

Although tech giants like Samsung and TSMC currently dominate the silicon landscape, Elon Musk has hinted that Tesla could potentially make its own chips in the future – and while the idea remains a tentative one, it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility. Tesla spends a fortune on silicon. Its Dojo ExaPod supercomputer boasts … Read more

The iPad Launched 14 Years Ago Today as Longest-Ever Wait for New Models Continues

Apple launched the original iPad 14 years ago today, starting a product line that has gone on to define the tablet space and entry-level computing, spur a shift in how media is consumed, and have immense cultural impact. The original ‌iPad‌ launched on April 3, 2010. Designed to bridge the gap between the laptop and … Read more

Max is coming to Europe in May, but UK viewers have a long wait on their hands

Streaming service Max will finally be rolling out to Europe later this Spring, replacing HBO Max on the continent. Except for the United Kingdom, that is – the situation on the British Isles is a little complicated. This news comes straight from a keynote presentation by JB Perette, who is the CEO and President of … Read more

Wait for 2024 iPad Pro might stretch into April

An OLED screen should make the 2024 iPad Pro the best-looking ever … when it finally arrives. Image: Apple/Cult of Mac Apple is reportedly still working on the version of iPadOS needed for the first iPad Pro with a OLED screen. The software development process might delay the launch until well into April. Previous leaks … Read more

I saw LG’s 2024 TV lineup and these are the 3 models I can’t wait to test

I recently attended an LG reviewer workshop and saw its full 2024 TV lineup, which was originally announced in January 2024 ahead of CES 2024. LG’s latest range continues its usual trend, starting from a budget LED screen and leading up to a wireless OLED. At the workshop, we were treated to a preview of … Read more