I tested the Google Pixel’s Long Exposure photo mode – and it’s another reason to leave my pro mirrorless camera at home

Google‘s Long Exposure photo mode is actually decent. There, I said it. Photographer me is putting his neck on the line by saying that another smartphone computational photography mode, recently given its own tab in Google’s revamped Camera app, is one less reason to use a ‘proper’ camera – and mine’s a TechRadar-approved best mirrorless … Read more

Overwatch 2 introduces harsher punishments for players who leave mid-match

Blizzard is taking mid-match leaves on Overwatch 2 more seriously and is implementing harsher punishments when Season 10 arrives. People playing Unranked games won’t be able to join a queue for five minutes after leaving two of their last 20 games. And if they leave at least 10 out of the last 20, they’ll be … Read more

Brazil budget cuts could leave science labs without power and water

More than three months into 2024, politicians in Brazil are still at odds about how much money the country’s research institutes and federal universities will receive this year. Scientists say that unless more funding is found, they won’t have enough money to cover basic expenses such as water, electricity and financial aid for students. On … Read more

Nvidia CEO says don’t give up learning new skills — just maybe leave programming to AI

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has clarified comments he made about the supposed “death of coding”. Huang had been criticized in the past for saying on several occasions that as AI platforms would soon be doing a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to coding, young people today should not necessarily consider learning it … Read more

No, ‘Leave the World Behind’ and ‘Civil War’ Aren’t Happening Before Your Eyes

Several people are typing, and they’re all saying Netflix’s Leave the World Behind is wildly prescient. The movie, directed by Sam Esmail, opens on a world where communication has been knocked out following a cyberattack. And earlier this week, when nearly all of Meta’s platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Threads—went down, people took to (other) social media platforms … Read more