Groq LPU (Language Processing Unit) performance tested – capable of 500 tokens per second

A new player has entered the field of artificial intelligence in the form of the Groq LPU (Language Processing Unit). Groq has the remarkable ability to process over 500 tokens per second using the Llama 7B model.  The Groq Language Processing Unit (LPU), is powered by a chip that’s been meticulously crafted to perform swift inference … Read more

New Mistral Next prototype large language model (LLM)

Mistral AI has released a new prototype large language model (LLM) named Mistral Next without much prior information or details. The model is currently available for testing on the Chatbot Arena platform. Users are encouraged to try it out and provide feedback. The model’s capabilities, training, and architecture remain undisclosed, but it has demonstrated impressive … Read more

How to Use Apple’s Ferret 7B Multi-modal Large Language Model

Apple’s recent unveiling of the Ferret 7B model has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Developed by Jarvis Labs, this multi-modal Large Language Model (LLM) is breaking new ground by combining image processing with text-based instructions to produce comprehensive responses. If you’re curious about how this model works and how you can … Read more

MiniCPM 2B small yet powerful large language model (LLM)

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, a new AI large language model (LLM) has been created in the form of the MiniCPM 2B, a compact AI LLM, offering a level of performance that rivals some of the biggest names in the field. With its 2 billion parameters, it stands as a formidable alternative … Read more

ChatGPT powered wearable real-time language translation earbuds

Wouldn’t it be great to travel to a foreign countries and speak freely with locals in over 130 different languages, conducting business with international partners without the fear of miscommunication. The DEARS wearable translator makes this possible. This innovative device harnesses the power of ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence to deliver real-time, precise translations in a staggering … Read more

Locally run AI vision with Moondream tiny vision language model

If you would like the ability to run AI vision applications on your home computer you might be interested in a new language model called Moondream.  Capable of processing what you say, what you write, and even what you show it. Moondream, is a small size sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) vision language mode that’s offers impressive … Read more

Easy way to run speedy Small Language Models on a Raspberry Pi

Imagine transforming your Raspberry Pi into a smart conversational partner. If you have tried previously to run AI models on your Raspberry Pi been disappointed with the speeds of its responses. You will be pleased to know that there is a faster way, by installing a small language model, which can turn your mini PC … Read more

Open Interpreter update lets large language models LLMs run code

The software development community has just witnessed the arrival of Open Interpreter 0.2.0, an updated tool that promises to make coding and task management much more efficient. Open Interpreter lets large language models (LLMs) run code (Python, Javascript, Shell, and more) locally. You can chat with Open Interpreter through a ChatGPT-like interface in your terminal … Read more

Seamless live speech language translation AI from Meta

One of the most exciting recent AI developments in the last few weeks is the new live speech translator called Seamless introduced by Meta. This cutting-edge tool is changing the game for real-time communication, allowing you to have conversations with people who speak different languages with almost no delay. Imagine the possibilities for international business meetings … Read more