Google I/O 2024: Google presenta AI Video Generator Veo, compitiendo con Sora de OpenAI

E/S de Google La sesión magistral de 2024 fue una sesión de 112 minutos en la que la empresa realizó varios anuncios clave centrados en inteligencia artificial (Amnistía Internacional). Los anuncios abarcaron desde nuevos modelos de IA hasta la integración de la IA en los productos de Google, pero quizás una de las presentaciones más … Read more

The AI image generator that protects businesses: We talk to iStock about balancing creative freedoms and commercially safe tools

Billed as a commercially safe AI image generator, iStock released its AI photo platform back in January 2024 – and during a live demo of the latest update, we spoke to Chief Product Officer Grant Farhall and Bill Bon, Director of Editing, about creative efficiencies, business-first AI, and what makes a good AI text-to-image prompt. … Read more

What is Suno? The viral AI song generator explained – and how to use it for free

Since ChatGPT burst onto the scene in November 2022 we’ve seen generative AI make some some startlingly human-like artistic creations – and the latest tool to go viral is Suno, an AI-powered song generator. We’ve seen AI music generators before, from Adobe’s Project Music GenAI to YouTube’s Dream Track and Voicify AI (now Jammable). But … Read more

How to access OpenAI Sora text-to-video AI video generator

OpenAI has released details on how to access its new and highly anticipated Sora text-to-video AI model, capable of generating amazing  animations and videos from text prompts. Initially OpenAI is making Sora available to red teamers to assess critical areas for harms or risks. OpenAI is being very careful about who gets to use Sora. … Read more

Suno AI V3 Alpha advanced AI music generator

Imagine a world where the power to create beautiful music is at your fingertips, regardless of your musical training or background. The Suno AI V3 Alpha music generator is a sophisticated new tool that’s transforming the way we think about composing music. Designed to assist both seasoned musicians and passionate hobbyists, this advanced AI technology … Read more

Ideogram AI image generator results performance comparison

The digital art world is buzzing with excitement over the latest breakthrough in artificial intelligence: the Ideogram AI Image Generator, also known as Ideogram 1.0 released yesterday. This advanced AI art generator is reshaping the landscape of AI-driven artistry, offering artists and creators a new way to bring their visions to life. With its state-of-the-art … Read more

Stable Diffusion 3 AI image generator launched by Stability AI

Stability AI has unveiled its latest creation, Stable Diffusion 3, an artificial intelligence image generator that has taken a significant leap forward in the field. This new AI art generator which is currently available in early preview  and not yet widely available, is capturing the attention of tech enthusiasts and creative minds alike with its … Read more

10 OpenAI SORA AI video generator features you might have missed

The world of video production is on the brink of a significant shift, thanks to the introduction of OpenAI’s SORA. This tool is designed to harness the power of artificial intelligence to assist in creating video content, potentially altering the traditional methods we’ve grown accustomed to. SORA offers a suite of features that not only … Read more

More Details on OpenAI’s Sora Video Generator

OpenAI has once again captured the tech community’s attention with the introduction of Sora, a name inspired by the Japanese word for “Sky.” This state-of-the-art text-to-video AI model is reshaping the landscape of video generation technology with its ability to produce highly realistic and coherent videos. If you’re fascinated by the intersection of technology and … Read more

A Closer Look at OpenAI’s Sora Video Generator

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, OpenAI has once again pushed the boundaries with the introduction of Sora, a cutting-edge AI model designed to transform the way we think about video generation. This remarkable tool stands out by creating videos up to 60 seconds long from just a text prompt. For those keen on … Read more