Stable Diffusion 3 Medium con la capacidad de trabajar de manera eficiente en computadoras portátiles de consumo lanzadas por Stability AI

El miércoles, Stability AI lanzó una versión más pequeña. Propagación estable 3 (SD3) Modelo de Inteligencia Artificial (IA). Apodado Stable Diffusion 3 Medium, la compañía introdujo un modelo más pequeño de texto a imagen como su modelo de generación de imágenes más avanzado. Si bien conserva toda la funcionalidad del modelo de IA más grande, … Read more

Stability AI lanza Stable Audio como un generador de texto a audio de código abierto

Estabilidad IA Ha lanzado un modelo de inteligencia artificial (IA) de código abierto llamado Stable Audio Open. Los usuarios pueden utilizar la plantilla para crear hasta 47 segundos de muestras y efectos de sonido. Los usuarios pueden utilizarlo para crear muestras de instrumentos musicales o sonidos ambientales. El modelo de IA también permite a los … Read more

Stable Diffusion 3 AI image generator launched by Stability AI

Stability AI has unveiled its latest creation, Stable Diffusion 3, an artificial intelligence image generator that has taken a significant leap forward in the field. This new AI art generator which is currently available in early preview  and not yet widely available, is capturing the attention of tech enthusiasts and creative minds alike with its … Read more

Stability AI introduces new Stable Cascade AI image generator

Stability AI has today launched its latest open source AI image generator in the form of Stable Cascade.  The new AI artwork creator represents a significant leap forward in the ability to create realistic images and text, outpacing previous models such as Stable Diffusion and its larger counterpart, Stable Diffusion XL. What sets Stable Cascade … Read more

AI 3D model and image creator Stable Zero123 – Stability AI

Stability AI has unveiled a new AI 3D model and image creator that is set to transform how we generate 3D content from simple 2D images. Named Stable Zero123, this new 3D image AI model creator is currently in a research preview phase and is making waves among creators and developers, particularly those involved in … Read more

Stability AI SDXL-Turbo AI art generator with real-time synthesis

Stability AI, known for its innovative solutions in the realm of artificial intelligence, has recently launched a new model named SDXL Turbo. This model is a simplified version of the original SDXL full model, and it has been designed to expedite image processing. The SDXL Turbo AI art generator can synthesize photorealistic images from a … Read more

Sky Replacer AI tool to brighten dull skies released by Stability AI

If you have photographs which you would like to brighten with a bluer sky, you might be interested to know that stability AI has today released a new tool aptly named Sky Replacer. Specifically designed to help you quickly and easily transform real estate images or family photos by swapping out the sky to something … Read more

Invisible watermarking for AI generated images – Stability AI

Stability AI has this week unveiled a number of new advances in artificial intelligence including its new Stable 3D AI technology that allows users to create 3D models from text prompts. As well as its handy Sky Replacer AI tool perfect for real estate agents looking to transform photographs with gloomy skies into beautiful clear … Read more

Stability AI to participate in UK Government’s AI Safety Summit

Stability AI, a pioneering generative AI firm based in the UK, has announced its participation in the upcoming AI Safety Summit. Hosted by the UK Government at Bletchley Park, the summit is a global platform that brings together international governments, leading AI companies, civil society groups, and research experts. The aim is to discuss the … Read more

The Federal Reserve Board’s Impact on Business Activity and Market Stability

The Federal Reserve Board is the central banking system of the United States. It was founded in 1913 by Congress to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible and more stable monetary and financial system. The Federal Reserve Board plays an important role in our economy by implementing monetary policy and open market activities. … Read more

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