Millions of devices still connect to this dangerous malware, despite the creators ditching it years ago

Millions of devices are still connected to the PlugX malware, despite its creators abandoning it months ago, experts have warned. Cybersecurity analysts Sekoia managed to obtain the IP address associated with the malware’s command & control (C2) server, and observed connection requests over a six-month period. During the course of the analysis, infected endpoints attempted … Read more

Antivirus updates hijacked to drop dangerous malware

Imagine if your antivirus program infected your computer with malware – that’s exactly what happened to some eScan antivirus users recently. A new report from Avast has explained how a threat actor, possibly of North Korean affiliation, used a vulnerability in the antivirus program to sideload a backdoor called GuptiMiner.  Apparently, after obtaining an adversary-in-the-middle … Read more

dangerous strain gains ability to spread through sex, new data suggest

Monkeypox virus particles (artificially coloured).Credit: UK Health Security Agency/Science Photo Library A virulent strain of the monkeypox virus has gained the ability to spread through sexual contact, new data suggest. This has alarmed researchers, who fear a reprise of the worldwide mpox outbreak in 2022. Evidence from past outbreaks indicates that this strain, called clade … Read more

Visa warns dangerous new malware is attacking financial firms

Visa is warning its partners, clients, and customers, of an ongoing phishing attack that aims to deliver a banking trojan.  The Visa Payment Fraud Disruption (PDF) unit sent out a security alert to card issuers, processors, and acquirers, noting it had observed a new phishing campaign that started in late March this year.  The campaign … Read more

Stay alert — this dangerous Android malware is pretending to be a McAfee security tool

A new version of a known Android banking trojan is making rounds on the internet, stealing sensitive data, and possibly even money, from its victims. Cybersecurity researchers from NCC Group’s Fox-IT sounded the alarm of a new, upgraded version of the Vultur banking trojan, first spotted in early 2021 but having received a number of … Read more

Linux servers targeted by dangerous espionage malware as Windows threat makes the jump

A dangerous espionage malware, previously only used against Windows devices, is increasingly being observed on Linux machines, too, experts have warned. Following earlier reports by ESET and Trend Micro, Kaspersky is now warning of the Dinodas Remote Access Trojan (RAT), signaling the rising popularity of the malware.  Kaspersky claims the backdoor is “fully functional, granting … Read more

An ancient Linux flaw might be opening up users to dangerous cyberattacks

Many versions of Linux may be vulnerable to a flaw that allowed hackers to steal passwords, or change the contents of their clipboard. The vulnerability, however, comes with a major caveat that makes exploitations somewhat unlikely (or at least heavily limited). Cybersecurity researcher Skyler Ferrante recently discovered an “improper neutralization of escape sequences in wall” … Read more