US officials confront China over Volt Typhoon cyberattacks

US government officials appear to have directly accused the Chinese government about its role in supporting cyberattacks against the former’s networks. The discussions specifically concern the Volt Typhoon group, which is responsible for a number of critical recent cyberattacks against US infrastructure, and has managed to maintain persistent access to the sites it has attacked. … Read more

Microsoft adds more security chiefs following recent cyberattacks

Microsoft has just unveiled the next step in its major cybersecurity overhaul, and that is to hire security executives for different product groups. Following a string of major cyberattacks, and the subsequent US government “call to arms” of sorts, Microsoft decided to completely revamp its cybersecurity practices, and “put security above all else”, as CEO … Read more

International Monetary Fund warns cyberattacks could trigger bank runs

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that the increasing number and cost of cyberattacks could destabilize economies leading to bank runs. The knock-on effects of dealing with cyberattacks, such as reputational and financial losses, can spill over onto clients and other businesses, disrupting critical services. The increasing reliance on third-party security providers over in-house … Read more

An ancient Linux flaw might be opening up users to dangerous cyberattacks

Many versions of Linux may be vulnerable to a flaw that allowed hackers to steal passwords, or change the contents of their clipboard. The vulnerability, however, comes with a major caveat that makes exploitations somewhat unlikely (or at least heavily limited). Cybersecurity researcher Skyler Ferrante recently discovered an “improper neutralization of escape sequences in wall” … Read more

US government warns water services are being targeted in cyberattacks

The US government has issued a warning to its allies that state-backed hackers from Iran and China are increasingly targeting critical infrastructure, with the most notable attacks against water systems. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) probed a number of Iranian attacks targeting Unitronic programmable logic controllers (PLC) used in water facilities. China has … Read more