Robotaxis shift up a gear as Waymo starts new autonomous rides – and Tesla is close behind

Although the notion of highly autonomous robotaxis has been around for a number of years now, the space is accelerating at a rapid rate – and now Alphabet subsidiary Waymo has revealed that it will offer paid rides in Los Angeles later this month. Until now, Waymo has been offering free trips to users as … Read more

OpenAI developing fully autonomous robot

In a bold move that’s capturing the attention of tech industry, OpenAI has teamed up with Figure, a leader in humanoid robot manufacturing. The companies goal is to push the boundaries of what’s possible in robotics by enhancing the intelligence of these machines and creating a fully autonomous robot  powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This … Read more

OpenAI and 1X Robotics autonomous robots will change the world

Yesterday  in a groundbreaking collaboration, OpenAI and 1X Robotics have unveiled a new robot that is capturing the attention of the tech world. This robot, known as the EVE, is a fully autonomous robot that can operate on its own, without the need for human guidance. It’s a significant step forward in the field of … Read more

Building autonomous AI Agents and potential applications

Thanks to the explosion of large language models both open source and those released by companies such as OpenAI, Stability AI and others, Autonomous AI agents have emerged as a significant area of interest and advancement for a wide variety of different applications. These agents, defined by their ability to operate independently, make decisions, and … Read more