Google to Launch Android Find My Network After Apple Adds Third-Party Tracker Alerts to iPhone

Google today began letting Android customers know that it will soon launch a promised Android-based Find My Device network, reports 9to5Google. Google announced the upcoming ‌Find My‌ feature last year, but it has not yet debuted because Apple and Google were working to develop a cross-platform solution for unwanted tracking alerts. Code in iOS 17.5 … Read more

iOS 17.5 Might Expand ‘Found Moving With You’ Alerts to Third-Party Item Trackers

Apple and Google last year jointly announced a proposed industry specification to help combat the misuse of Bluetooth item trackers for unwanted tracking of individuals. As part of this initiative, Apple promised to expand AirTag-like “Found Moving With You” alerts to third-party item trackers in a future software update, which may be iOS 17.5. MacRumors … Read more

Cisco alerts users to password-spraying attacks targeting VPN services

Networking giant Cisco has warned its users of an ongoing attack against its business VPN services. In a security advisory, Cisco said it had been notified of an ongoing password-spraying attack against different third-party VPN concentrators.  In this instance, it was Remote Access VPN (RAVPN) services configured on Cisco Secure Firewall that were affected. Russian … Read more