TSMC bounces back after Taiwan earthquake — top chipmaker says its production is already back up to speed, despite devastating quake

On Wednesday, 3 April, the strongest earthquake to strike Taiwan in 25 years killed at least nine people and injured or trapped hundreds more. The 7.4 magnitude quake was followed by more than 200 aftershocks, dozens of which were at least 6.5 magnitude or stronger. Taiwan, which frequently experiences earthquakes due to its position on … Read more

Major Earthquake in Taiwan Halts Some Apple Chip Production Lines

A major earthquake in Taiwan has halted some TSMC chip production lines, potentially impacting the manufacture of Apple devices (via Bloomberg). A 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan in the early hours of the morning, killing at least nine people, injuring hundreds, and causing significant damage to infrastructure, including disrupting operations at several TSMC key manufacturing sites. … Read more