Brighter, low-energy OLEDs are going into production this year – but they won’t be coming to TVs just yet

The best OLED TVs are about to get a whole lot better. A new panel technology known as eLEAP will officially go into production later this year, according to FlatpanelsHD. Although it won’t be going into any big-name TVs at first, the new screen technology promises to deliver brightness in excess of 3,000 nits and … Read more

Samsung starts mass production of 1Tb 9th Gen. V-NAND flash chips

Samsung, the world’s biggest memory chip maker, has announced it is the first brand to start mass-producing 1Tb TLC 9th Gen V-NAND flash chips. TLC refers to Triple Level Cell, and the new chips can store 3-bit data in one cell. Samsung becomes world’s first brand to start mass production of 1Tb 9th Generation V-NAND … Read more

The end of FineWoven? Apple reportedly stops production of the eco-friendly accessories

It’s safe to say that Apple’s FineWoven accessories have been a disaster from the moment they launched, with people criticizing them for their perceived lack of durability and the ease with which they can get damaged. Now, it seems that Apple has decided to cut its losses, and could phase out the entire range. That’s … Read more

Apple Reportedly Stops Production of FineWoven Accessories

Apple has stopped production of FineWoven accessories, according to the Apple leaker and prototype collector known as “Kosutami.” In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Kosutami explained that Apple has stopped production of FineWoven accessories due to its poor durability. The company may move to another non-leather material for its premium accessories in the future. … Read more

Apple Chipmaker TSMC to Receive $6.6 Billion Grant to Step Up Production in the U.S.

The United States Commerce Department today announced a significant financial commitment to Apple chip supplier TSMC to make more chips in the U.S. (via Bloomberg). The White House shared a statement explaining that the U.S. Commerce Department will allocate a $6.6 billion subsidy to TSMC for the advancement of semiconductor production in Phoenix, Arizona. TSMC … Read more

TSMC bounces back after Taiwan earthquake — top chipmaker says its production is already back up to speed, despite devastating quake

On Wednesday, 3 April, the strongest earthquake to strike Taiwan in 25 years killed at least nine people and injured or trapped hundreds more. The 7.4 magnitude quake was followed by more than 200 aftershocks, dozens of which were at least 6.5 magnitude or stronger. Taiwan, which frequently experiences earthquakes due to its position on … Read more

TSMC Resumes Majority of Apple Chip Production Following Earthquake

Apple chip supplier TSMC has reportedly resumed most of its operations after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan’s eastern coast on Wednesday. TSMC told Bloomberg that more than 80% of its chip production lines are operational again as of Thursday, and it said there has been no damage to its most critical equipment. More specifically, Taiwanese … Read more

Major Earthquake in Taiwan Halts Some Apple Chip Production Lines

A major earthquake in Taiwan has halted some TSMC chip production lines, potentially impacting the manufacture of Apple devices (via Bloomberg). A 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan in the early hours of the morning, killing at least nine people, injuring hundreds, and causing significant damage to infrastructure, including disrupting operations at several TSMC key manufacturing sites. … Read more

iPad Pro Delays Could Be Down to Poor OLED Panel Production Yields

OLED panel supply issues may be partly behind Apple’s iPad Pro launch delay, based on reports coming out of Korea. Apple’s original plan was to rely on different OLED display suppliers for the upcoming iPad Pro models, with Samsung Display exclusively producing ~11-inch panels and LG Display responsible for the required ~13-inch panels. The division … Read more

The Blipblox myTRACKS groovebox is a complete music production studio for kids

Back when I was a kid (puts on old man glasses) we had the Casio SK-1. We’d spend all day making samples of burps and turning them into stupid little songs, but that’s about as far as it went. You couldn’t layer tracks or anything. Modern children, however, are about to get an actual full-featured … Read more