Samsung will use sewage water to quench surging thirst for semiconductors — 400 million liters of waste water to be purified and used daily to manufacture electronic chips

The semiconductor industry is notorious for its massive water consumption, with each chip requiring thousands of gallons of ultrapure water for production. Ultrapure water (UPW) refers to water that has undergone purification to eliminate impurities, including fine particles and microorganisms, leaving behind only the fundamental hydrogen and oxygen molecules that make up H2O. In response … Read more

First US drug approved for a liver disease surging around the world

Liver tissue from a person with extra fat in the organ.Credit: IKELOS GmbH/Dr. Christopher B. Jackson/Science Photo Library For the first time, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug to treat an obesity-linked liver disease that is on the rise around the globe and is becoming a leading driver of liver failure … Read more