Is the Internet bad for you? Huge study reveals surprise effect on well-being

People who had access to the Internet scored higher on measures of life satisfaction in a global survey.Credit: Ute Grabowsky/Photothek via Getty A global, 16-year study1 of 2.4 million people has found that Internet use might boost measures of well-being, such as life satisfaction and sense of purpose — challenging the commonly held idea that … Read more

Why it’s essential to study sex and gender, even as tensions rise

In 2023, students protested against a new policy in Texas, where parents would be notified if their child asks to be identified as transgender.Credit: Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle/Getty This week, Nature is launching a collection of opinion articles on sex and gender in research. Further articles will be published in the coming months. The series will … Read more

Divisive Sun-dimming study at Harvard cancelled: what’s next?

Last week, Harvard University researchers announced the cancellation of a high-profile solar geoengineering experiment, frustrating the project’s supporters. But advocates say that all is not lost, and that momentum for evaluating ways to artificially cool the planet is building internationally. First sun-dimming experiment will test a way to cool Earth The study, called the Stratospheric … Read more

Landmark study links microplastics to serious health problems

Plastics are just about everywhere — food packaging, tyres, clothes, water pipes. And they shed microscopic particles that end up in the environment and can be ingested or inhaled by people. Now the first data of their kind show a link between these microplastics and human health. A study of more than 200 people undergoing … Read more

New study reveals insight into which animals are most vulnerable to extinction due to climate change

In a new study, researchers have used the fossil record to better understand what factors make animals more vulnerable to extinction from climate change. The results could help to identify species most at risk today from human-driven climate change. The findings have been published today in the journal Science. Past climate change (often caused by … Read more

COVID vaccines are safe for pregnant women and babies, study finds

Landmark study contradicts misinformation about brain development and conditions like autism in children. The COVID vaccine is safe to administer during pregnancy, reports UC San Francisco in an important finding on the safety of the vaccine in infants — despite widespread fear and misinformation. The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, is the first scientific inquiry … Read more

Good news for coral reef restoration efforts: Study finds ‘full recovery’ of reef growth within four years

While the majority of the world’s reefs are now under threat or even damaged potentially beyond repair, a new study reported in the journal Current Biology on March 8 offers some encouraging news: efforts to restore coral reefs not only increase coral cover, but they can also bring back important ecosystem functions, and surprisingly fast. … Read more

Exploring the Fury: NASA and Rocket Lab’s Mission to Unravel Tropical Storm Secrets

NASA and Rocket Lab Join Forces to Study Tropical Storm Systems with Satellite Constellation The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in collaboration with Rocket Lab, has launched a cutting-edge satellite constellation aimed at studying tropical storm systems. This joint effort is part of ongoing research to better understand and predict the behavior of these … Read more