HMD steps out of Nokia’s shadow and launches its own mid-range smartphone line

HMD is breaking into new territory by launching its first smartphone line under an original name. It’ll no longer be known as just a manufacturer of Nokia phones. In total, there are three mid-range devices in the series: the HMD Pulse, Pulse Plus, and Pulse Pro. The third model is meant to be the leader … Read more

Apple steps up Safari’s game with 60% faster performance according to shiny new browser benchmark Speedometer 3.0

Safari users are in for some good news, as Apple claims that users of its web browser can expect significantly better performance from the browser and its WebKit browser engine (which is primarily used in Safari).  The news was shared by Apple in an official WebKit blog post, following its announcement of Speedometer 3.0, the … Read more

Take these steps to accelerate the path to gender equity in health sciences

Diversity in science is instrumental in achieving major breakthroughs. Without further accelerating gender parity and other types of diversity — including focusing on the needs of those in and working towards leadership roles — we will continue to lose valuable ground. At a time when academia faces some of its greatest workforce gaps in history, … Read more

Microsoft Interactive AI Agent Foundation Model steps towards AGI

In addition to OpenAI announcing it’s new focus on developing AI Agents. Microsoft has introduced an innovative AI Agent Foundation Model, which is seen as a significant step toward Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). This model is designed to incorporate various human-like cognitive abilities and skills, such as decision-making, perception, memory, motor skills, language processing, and … Read more

Supercharge Your Productivity: Master ChatGPT in 10 Easy Steps

This guide is designed to show you how to supercharge your productivity with ChatGPT. The digital age has promised efficiency, but reality often paints a different picture. To-do lists overflow, inbox notifications dance a taunting jig, and deadlines loom like storm clouds. In this frenetic landscape, ChatGPT emerges as a potent weapon in the war … Read more

Fast-Track Your Home Sale in Raleigh – 4 Simple Steps

Time is often of the essence when you’re looking to sell your home. Perhaps you’ve got a new job in another city or there’s another compelling reason to sell quickly. Either way, Raleigh’s fast-growing housing market offers a promising landscape for sellers. While selling a home typically involves several months from listing to closing, these … Read more