Sony’s wearable air conditioner is the first step towards a real Dune stillsuit

In Frank Herbert’s Dune, the Fremen natives who inhabit the desert planet Arrakis wear moisture-capturing stillsuits to survive the sweltering conditions. Now, living in London, I have little need for a full-blown stillsuit, but if you’ve ever attempted to ride the Central Line at peak commuting hours in summertime, you’ll share my wish for a … Read more

ICYMI: the 8 biggest tech news stories from Boston Dynamic’s new robot to Sony’s OLED-beating Micro-LED TV tech

This week in the world of tech: Boston Dynamics unveiled a new robot, and while it terrified us, the barrage of negative Humane AI Pin reviews showed us that maybe the artificial intelligence uprising is perhaps further aware than we initially feared. But maybe you’ve missed these or other major tech stories from this past … Read more

Sony’s new Bravia TVs boast powerful processors and a Prime Video calibration mode

Sony just revealed its lineup of new TVs for 2024. While many boast interesting features that we’ll get into later, the biggest change is naming conventions. Sony TVs used to be named confusing strings of numbers and letters, but that’s all gone now. The names here are clean and simple. They all use Bravia, a … Read more

I’ve seen Sony’s impressive new mini-LED TV backlight tech in action, and OLED TVs should be worried

Sony made a special occasion of its 2024 TV launch, holding it at the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Los Angeles. At the event, attendees, myself included, were treated to demos of Foley effects and soundtrack mixing, plus other striking examples of behind-the-scenes movie magic that happens at the studio. Sony’s message was that the … Read more

Sony’s TV Lineup 2024: New TVs, New Direction

“It’s time to reintroduce HDR,” according to Sony’s chief distinguished engineer, Toshiyuki Ogura, who has been working with and developing HDR (high dynamic range) technology since its inception. Speaking at Sony’s home theater spring showcase in March, Ogura was referring in part to the company’s latest LED TV tech, which Sony hopes will help reshape … Read more

Sony’s new ULT Bluetooth speakers are bringing back the ’90s bass boost button

Sony just announced a trio of new speakers in a new line of audio products called the ULT Power Series. This is an attempt by the company to reduce some of the clutter involved with its naming conventions, so and XE-Series products. Both lines are being wrapped up into the ULT Power Series branding. To … Read more

Sony’s future mid-range headphones may specialize in hitting those low notes

Sony will soon release a new pair of mid-range wireless headphones capable of delivering bassy audio on the same level as high-end models. At least, that’s what this latest leak from industry insider Roland Quandt would lead us to believe. He recently spilled the beans on what may be the Sony WH-ULT900N headphones, which Quandt … Read more