This ‘world’s smallest’ iPhone and Apple Watch dual charger might be perfect your travels

Apple no longer sells the MagSafe Duo, its two-in-one charger for the iPhone and Apple Watch, but if you’ve found yourself with a charger-shaped hole in your life, Twelve South’s new ButterFly might patch it right up. Similar to the MagSafe Duo, the ButterFly comes with two magnetic charging pucks in a fold-up design. It … Read more

AirLink XR60 the world’s smallest rugged 5G router

Semtech has unveiled the AirLink XR60, a new device that’s making waves in the world of 5G router technology. This tiny but mighty router is catching the attention of professionals across various industries, including public safety, utilities, and industrial sectors. The XR60 is not just any router; it’s currently recognized as the world’s smallest rugged … Read more

Designing and building the world’s smallest custom gaming PC

In the world of PC gaming, enthusiasts are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The latest trend is to pack the punch of a high-performance gaming system into a space no larger than a shoebox. This quest for compact power is not just a display of technical skill but also a reflection of the … Read more