AYANEO Pocket S handheld games emulation performance tested

The world of mobile gaming is about to get more exciting with the arrival of the AYANEO Pocket S, a new handheld device that’s catching the attention of gamers everywhere. This compact gaming console is making waves with its ability to emulate a variety of gaming systems, providing players with a portable solution to enjoy … Read more

AYANEO Pocket S Snapdragon G3x G2 handheld games console

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TheKomi Ruler pocket and sketching and drawing multitool

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Rabbit R1 pocket AI assistant upgrade and Perplexity collaboration

The recently launched Rabbit R1, artificial intelligent (AI) pocket assistant which was launched earlier this year and has already sold a considerable amount of preorders. Has received an upgrade as well as a new collaboration with Perplexity AI a notable player in the AI market. This new upgrade to the Rabbit R1 isn’t just a … Read more

Rabbit R1 pocket AI computer and virtual assistant $199

Rabbit has recently unveiled an advanced AI AGENT known as the Large Action Model (LAM), which is set to redefine the way we interact with technology. This AI is integrated into the new Rabbit R1 mobile device OS, offering a user experience that is centered around natural language processing. This means that you can now … Read more

Retroid Pocket 4 Pro handheld games console preorders open from $149

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PowerGo pocket 5,000mAh airline approved power bank

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