Building a DIY ARM Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution

Jeff Geerling has published an interesting tutorial revealing how he has built a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system that balances power efficiency with strong performance can be a highly satisfying endeavor. At the heart of such a system, is a ASRock Rack ALTRAD8UD-1L2T Motherboard . This motherboard is energized by an Ampere CPU that boasts … Read more

30 Bay ZFS-based All-Flash SATA SSD NAS – TS-h3077AFU

QNAP  has unveiled a new 30 bay SATA SSD NAS storage solution that’s catching the attention of businesses with demanding data needs. The TS-h3077AFU is an all-flash SSD NAS system that’s built to handle intense data workloads with ease. This system is a perfect fit for professionals who deal with tasks like high-resolution video editing, … Read more

QNAP AI-Powered DA Drive Analyzer 2.0 predicts NAS drive failure

QNAP Systems, in partnership with ULINK Technology, has introduced an innovative tool that promises to transform the way businesses monitor and maintain their data storage drives. The DA Drive Analyzer 2.0, now available through the QNAP App Center, leverages cloud-based artificial intelligence to provide users with advanced warnings of potential NAS drive failures, potentially saving … Read more

ASUSTOR Drivestor 2 and Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 NAS storage

ASUSTOR, a well-known name in the tech industry, has recently introduced two new network-attached storage (NAS) devices that are set to improve the way we store and access data. The Drivestor 2 Pro Gen2 and Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 are designed to meet the growing demands for quick data retrieval and secure storage management. These … Read more

How to store photos on a Synology NAS

Most of us already have a vast collection of cherished photographs, each one capturing a unique moment in time. As this collection grows, organizing and safeguarding these memories becomes increasingly important. Especially if you would like to keep them locally rather than rely on cloud storage provided by third-party providers such as Apple, Google, Microsoft … Read more

UGREEN NASync DX480T Plus NAS network attached storage

At the renowned CES 2024 event in Las Vegas, UGREEN has introduced its new network attached storage NAS device, the NASync DX480T Plus, and an array of vehicle accessories that cater to the modern consumer’s needs. The tech community gathered from January 9-12, where UGREEN’s booth became a hub of interest for those eager to … Read more

Terramaster 4-bay NAS F4-424 Pro

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the need for robust data management solutions is more critical than ever. TerraMaster, a company known for its network-attached storage (NAS) devices, has unveiled the F4-424 Pro, a 4-bay NAS unit that promises to streamline data storage and management for both professional and home users. This new device stands out … Read more

Synology NAS Home vs Homes folders explained

If you have just purchased a Synology NAS you may have already encountered two folders that might cause a bit of confusion: “Home” and “Homes.” Understanding the purpose and function of these folders on your Synology NAS is crucial for anyone looking to manage their files effectively and ensure that privacy is maintained. The “Home” … Read more

QNAP TBS-h574TX Thunderbolt 4 all-flash NAS Book

QNAP network-attached storage (NAS) manufacturer, has recently launched its Thunderbolt 4 all-flash NASbook TBS-h574TX.Offering a multitude of features aimed at optimizing the experience for Mac and Windows PC creators engaged in online video editing, large file transfer, video transcoding, and backup. The TBS-h574TX is a compact device that provides low-latency storage, a feature that is … Read more

How to speed up remote connections to your Synology NAS

If you are already accessing your files and documents from any corner of the globe, as if you were sitting right in your office, directly from your Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS). But feel you could do with a little extra speed when transferring files, documents and photographs. you will be pleased to know that … Read more