Is AI ready to mass-produce lay summaries of research articles?

Generative AI might be a powerful tool in making research more accessible for scientists and the broader public alike.Credit: Getty Thinking back to the early days of her PhD programme, Esther Osarfo-Mensah recalls struggling to keep up with the literature. “Sometimes, the wording or the way the information is presented actually makes it quite a … Read more

Could AI-designed proteins be weaponized? Scientists lay out safety guidelines

The artificial-intelligence tool AlphaFold can design proteins to perform specific functions.Credit: Google DeepMind/EMBL-EBI (CC-BY-4.0) Could proteins designed by artificial intelligence (AI) ever be used as bioweapons? In the hope of heading off this possibility — as well as the prospect of burdensome government regulation — researchers today launched an initiative calling for the safe and … Read more