VDI: What is it and why Virtual Desktop Infrastructure matter to businesses of all sizes

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a technology that enables businesses to use virtual machines instead of being confined to a physical workstation. The virtual machines are hosted and managed in a data center, while the users can access them remotely from their workplace. VDI environments are hosted on a centralized server with substantial processing power. … Read more

Why sovereign AI infrastructure is driving worldwide adoption of Generative AI

From self-driving cars to AI agents and transformative drug discovery, humanity is entering a fourth industrial revolution – one powered by artificial intelligence. Nations around the world have taken notice. Harnessing generative AI promises massive socioeconomic, cultural and geopolitical benefits, yet modernizing a government’s ability to enable and improve its AI capabilities requires creating nationwide … Read more

How to accelerate ML with AI Cloud Infrastructure

The digital environment and business have never been as demanding as they are now. An ever-increasing competition creates a need for new solutions and tools to elevate the efficiency of performance and maximize the output of enterprises and companies involved. Machine learning (ML) is one of the core features of modern business functioning. Despite being … Read more