Según los informes, el fabricante de Ai Pin Humane está buscando vender

Meses después Se presenta la computadora portátil Ai Piny sólo unas semanas después de eso Lanzamiento públicoSegún se informa, la startup tecnológica Humane está buscando vender. Según BloombergHumane está buscando un comprador que se quede con la empresa por una suma considerable: entre 750 millones y 1.000 millones de dólares. Ver también: Primeras impresiones del … Read more

Humane AI Pin review roundup: an undercooked flop that’s way ahead of its time

The Humane AI Pin is a fascinating little device for gadget fans. If you missed its reveal in November 2023, it’s a tiny wearable computer with a built-in AI assistant, camera, and a little projector that blasts its UI onto your hand. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty terrible, according to the internet’s first reviews, which have … Read more

Our verdict on the Humane AI Pin

A wave of AI assistant devices is finally launching, and the first is Humane’s slickly designed AI Pin. Humane calls it the “first wearable device and software platform,” a magnetic clippable wearable, with a projector, camera, mic, speakers and its own internet connection. Engadget Is this what replaces the smartphone? A tiny device that projects … Read more