Apple Exploring ‘Mobile Robot’ That ‘Follows Users Around Their Homes’

Apple is exploring various “personal robotics” projects in an effort to create its “next big thing,” according to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman. Amazon’s Astro robot One of these projects is described as a “mobile robot” that would “follow users around their homes,” while another is said to be an “advanced table-top home device that uses robotics … Read more

Synology NAS Home vs Homes folders explained

If you have just purchased a Synology NAS you may have already encountered two folders that might cause a bit of confusion: “Home” and “Homes.” Understanding the purpose and function of these folders on your Synology NAS is crucial for anyone looking to manage their files effectively and ensure that privacy is maintained. The “Home” … Read more

Bespoke Homes – The Amaryllis by Unity Group

If you are planning to buy residential property in Delhi, it’s essential that you take time and care in making an informed decision so you get maximum returns from your investment. Unity The Amaryllis is a luxurious residential development situated on New Rohtak Road in central Delhi. Boasting luxurious apartments, this project is close to … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Hardwood Flooring Choices for Homes

Columbus, Ohio, is a city brimming with character, known for its vibrant neighborhoods, thriving businesses, and diverse culture. When it comes to enhancing your Columbus-based residence or business, the choice of flooring is a critical decision. This comprehensive guide to hardwood floors in Columbus, Ohio, aims to provide valuable insights without mentioning specific stores or … Read more

Benefits Of Choosing Transportable Homes In New Zealand.

Introduction: The housing market in New Zealand is evolving, and along with it, the way people think about homeownership. In recent years, transportable homes have gained significant popularity, offering a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional houses. If you’re contemplating your housing options in New Zealand, it’s essential to explore the benefits of choosing a … Read more