Simply NUC Onyx Intel i9 Windows 11 small form factor PC review

Thanks to the team at Simply NUC we have been given a chance to test out the new Onyx v9 NUC13OXv9 small form factor PC which is capable of supporting up to a massive 96GB of DDR5-5200 memory and a staggering 16TB of storage. The Onyx Intel NUC mini PC is available with a selection of … Read more

Powerful TANK 03 Intel Core i7 or i9 small form factor gaming PC

If you are considering upgrading your large desktop computer to something a little more refined and compact. Or are looking for something a little more portable yet packs plenty of power. You might be interested in the TANK 03 Intel Core i7/i9 performance small form factor gaming PC. Created by Ace Magic the company’s engineers … Read more

IHIP Portal 2023 Data Entry & IDSP P Form Download App

The IHIP login portal, initiated by the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, serves as a crucial online resource within the nation’s comprehensive illness surveillance program, IHIP, designed to swiftly identify early warning signs of diseases and facilitate timely public health interventions for optimal well-being. Furthermore, the Indian government has introduced the IHIP app, … Read more