Pelosi Attack Suspect Says He Was Motivated By Politics, Telling Police That Democrats Had Been ‘persecuting’ Trump

Pelosi Attack Suspect Says He Was Motivated By Politics, Telling Police That Democrats Had Been 'persecuting' Trump
  • A man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi told police he was motivated by hatred of Democrats.
  • David DePape has endorsed former President Donald Trump, saying the 2020 election was stolen.
  • “They are criminals,” DePape said of the Democratic leaders.

A man accused of assaulting the 82-year-old husband of Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has told police he wants her to pay for Democrats' "harassment" of former President Donald Trump and his campaign, which he says only ended when "they are finally able to steal the election."

Days after David DePape's arrest, some of the former president's allies suggested the attack was not politically motivated, suggesting it was an internal dispute. Although the defendant left a trail of right-wing views online, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, for example, shared a conservative comment that it was "absurd and always will be" to portray the attacker as "some kind of right-wing activist." ala." "Right."

Meanwhile, Twitter CEO Elon Musk promoted the false story that DePape was a sex worker hired by victim Paul Pelosi, who is currently recovering from a head injury. Georgia.

But in a jailhouse interview, DePape, 42, made it clear his actions were politically motivated.

"Is there a reason?" asks Sergeant DePape of the San Francisco Police Department in an entry published Friday. "Like, did you feel like Pelasis did something to you?"

“Definitely not me,” DePape responded. "For all American audiences, really."

When DePape was asked for more details, DePape laid out a series of grievances voiced by Trump, saying his 2016 campaign investigation into possible Russian collusion was a Democratic plot and worse than Watergate, when crooks working for former President Nixon they broke into the house. Offices. National Committee of the Democratic Party. (In 2016, Russian hackers hacked into DNC servers and released stolen emails via WikiLeaks and under the false identity of an activist hacker; an FBI investigation into the Trump campaign began after a foreign diplomat told him told the office that a Trump employee appeared to have masterminded the hack and leaks).

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“When Trump took office, what they were doing was much more than just watching a rival campaign,” DePape said.

Hillary Clinton was the biggest criminal puppeteer, DePape said: "It all started with Hillary." But when it comes to liars in Washington, he said, Nancy Pelosi is "the ringleader."

DePape's interview, released the same day as the dash cam footage of Pelosi's attack, shows Trump's intimate knowledge of global talking points, including mention of the wiretapping of Carter, a Trump adviser, for whom the Department is now seeking justice. based on an incorrect FISA claim.

“They are criminals,” DePape said of the Democratic leaders. “They not only spied on the rival company, but also presented false evidence to spy on the rival company to hide it, to harass the rival company. It's like endless criminal activity. crime after crime after crime, and it took almost four fucking years before they finally managed to steal the election results.

"This is unacceptable," he added.

What was DePape hoping to accomplish by breaking into the Pelacis house looking for the former Speaker of the House? "Well, I was basically going to take her hostage and talk to her," he told police. “What if she was telling the truth? I would let her go without punishment," he said. "If he cheated, I'd break his calves."

DePape's confession supports an assessment by New York University political scientist Ruth Ben-Gyatt, who told Insider after the attack that it seemed like an attempt to "end things on January 6."

"Republicans and Fox News have long portrayed Democrats as mortal enemies, and political violence occurs in precisely these circumstances: when people feel that political opposition is an existential threat and must be violently eliminated," Ben-Win said. Giyat.

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The suspect in the attack on Paul Pelosi "specifically targeted" the house of the Speaker of the House, the district attorney said.

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