Justice Kavanaugh Rips U.S. News Rankings As ‘highly Problematic’ At Law School Talk

Justice Kavanaugh Rips U.S. News Rankings As 'highly Problematic' At Law School Talk
  • A United States Supreme Court judge has said that law school standards are not taken into account when hiring clerks.
  • According to US News, the level of criticism is changing.

Jan 27 (Reuters) – Joining criticism of U.S. News and World Report's law school rankings, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh said in a speech this week at the University of Notre Dame's law school that he will not look at the annual list. Accurately evaluate which schools offer the best law education.

"I think they're based on things that I understand are very counterintuitive, very literal, very wordy, they don't really match the education you get, and I find that very problematic," Marcus Cole, the law school, said in a video released Thursday.

A spokesperson for US News did not respond to requests for comment on Kavanaugh's criticism on Friday. But the publication defended its results rather than its answers as a useful tool for law students.

Kavanaugh's comments come at a time when ratings are under intense pressure. At least 36 law schools, many of which are highly regarded by the publication, have said they no longer provide internal ranking data to U.S. News each year after complaints that the annual lists provide a more uniform view of legal affairs. It encourages education and schools to make decisions that are not in the best interests of students.

Yale and Harvard Law schools began bans in November, and it continues to grow. The exodus has spread to other U.S. news outlets, and several medical and business schools have said they will no longer participate.

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US News said it will continue to rank law schools despite the ban and is changing its methodology to rely solely on public data provided by the American Bar Association, which accredits law schools. . It does not include extra costs for students, a measure that rewards student schools, among other things.

But the revised rankings give each school a "reputation score" derived from surveys of law professors, judges and law enforcement. Cavanaugh calls popularity scores "kind of a joke" and effectively rates them as if most people don't know enough about law schools. He said he doesn't consider law school when hiring civil servants.

Kavanaugh, one of the six conservative justices on the court, was especially critical of Roe v. The Wade ruling made abortion nationwide in 1973 in Roe v. May's Wade judgment was leaked during a speech at Notre Dame. But he said the previous term had been a "difficult year" for the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh told the audience he was "optimistic" about the Supreme Court.

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