Monkey Rock Entertainment Center To Open At Sunland Park Mall

Monkey Rock Entertainment Center To Open At Sunland Park Mall

Monkey Rock, a new family entertainment center, will open at Sunland Park Mall on October 14

The center site will include 10 bowling alleys with virtual reality games, a golf course, a climbing wall, a mini-golf course and a games arcade.

Families can get a discount for guests booking after October 15

Six Other Cool Spots at Sunland Park Mall

Sunland Park Mall has attracted tenants beyond traditional clothing retailers in recent years. Here are some good reasons not to forget to visit the mall.

Nice reading nook

On the same side of the food court, visitors will find the Book Nook, a quiet and fun place where young children can grab a book and sit in a variety of fun seats. Books are shelved and offer a wide variety, including picture books

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sun city cat

Earlier this year, friends opened the Sun City Kitty Cafe, where people can order coffee and pay a small fee to lick the cats.

Playing in the Kitty Room costs $7 for 30 minutes. The cats have a nice space with seats inside for people to sit with the cats or play on the floor.

The cats are up for adoption and are often shared on the cafe's Instagram account.

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play volleyball

In 2021, Sunland Park Mall introduced an indoor softball field used by the private Wolf Pack Softball Club.

The club has a Facebook page where tryouts and open gyms are advertised. So check if your kids are looking to improve their skills.

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Enjoy art at the Art Nova gallery

Talk about a cool place to learn about art. The Art Nova gallery, located downstairs from the dining room, features works by local artists.

It offers drawing lessons for different age groups. Emerging El Paso artist Chance Bailey can hone his skills here with gallery owner Rafat Maximos.

Information: 915-433-7639.

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Take an aerobics class

Can't motivate yourself to exercise? Try an aerial, pole or hoop class at Aerial Fitness below. Tubing and dance lessons are also available.

The gym also gives members free gym time. For more information, visit Aerial Fitness

Play chess in the dining room

The food court offers a variety of dishes, including pizza and Mexican dishes, barbecues, hot dogs and sweets.

Try a seat and wait for your food while playing chess with oversized pieces. Several shooting games are also available.

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