Is Vanessa Lachey A Terrible Host? See Why ‘LIB Fans Call Her ‘Cringey For Reunion Appearance

Is Vanessa Lachey A Terrible Host? See Why ‘LIB Fans Call Her ‘Cringey For Reunion Appearance

Won't close your eyes? "Love Is Blind" host Vanessa Lachey is facing backlash for her hosting skills following the live reunion premiere of Season 4 on Sunday, April 16. Although she and her husband , Nick Lachey , have hosted the show since the first season, viewers are still looking for new talent. Keep scrolling to read more about Vanessa's reaction to hosting.

Why is Vanessa Lachey getting backlash from 'LIB' fans?

During the live-action reunion, Vanessa's behavior is noticeably different and she seems prejudiced against some of the Season 4 cast.

While viewers considered "Good Girl" contestants Mika Lussier and Irina Solomonova and Jackie Bond to be the main villains of the season, the Hawaiian actress was everywhere.

At one point, Vanessa got upset with Jackie's ex-fiancé, Marshall Glaze, because he didn't remember all the details she said in a pre-recorded Zoom interview with ex-boyfriend Josh Demas . In the interview, Jackie said she knew her relationship with Marshall was over, in what she called an "underrated period". The marketing executive denied the allegations, but admitted to pulling the joke, saying that Jackie had a "strong jaw", which greatly upset Vanessa.

"If someone files a petition to stop Vanessa Lachey from ever doing a Netflix hosting job again, I'll sign it because it still bothers me that she says to Marshall, 'I don't know how I feel.' You are the character, it doesn't matter how you feel!” #LoveIsBlind #LoveisBlind4 [sic] tweeted a user online on April 17.

In addition to the drama, Vanessa promoted "Love Is Blind Baby" and asked every couple to "have a baby," including Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown and Zac Goetowski and Bliss Pouritejadi and Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah . First of all.

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After Tiffany explained that they were enjoying each other and traveling the world before they planned to be parents, Brett replied, "I was like, 'Jesus, you're really putting pressure on the baby'…OMG."

Fans also brought up the child's constant questions and shared their frustrations online.

One fan tweeted, "Vanessa Lachey pushing the baby so hard and annoying," while another responded: "Brit tried to stop her too and followed her but your baby will be so cute so give her a break..! [sic]."

Does love blind actress Vanessa Lachey think she makes a terrible host?

Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Star upsets not only Marshall, but Paul as well. After asking her ex-fiancé Micah why she said "no" at the altar, she says she doesn't want to bring out the best in him, especially her parenting skills.

Although the environmentalist spoke his truth and took responsibility for his decision, Vanessa was not happy with the answer and Paul caught the temper.

"I was like, FK, man. They kept punching me, they kept punching me," Paul told ET last night. This is just speculation based on who continues to investigate the matter after fully justifying why I feel this way."

Vanessa Lachey's reaction to the 'LIB' meeting?

The actress-turned-leader is yet to respond to the negative comments online, but she did share a message via Instagram after the encounter.

"I want to take a moment to acknowledge the extreme vulnerability that our show presents (every season) on this platform. I'm proud of this cast and their willingness to put themselves out there. It hasn't been easy and it's been a long. process to bring us together," He wrote on Monday, April 17. "Remember 'words carry weight' on the internet (and in life). The words you say to someone you don't know (and don't know the whole story) can have a lasting impact on them… in many ways. Mental health should always be treated with respect. There is always help."

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