Is Shay Mitchells Ongoing Slay Enhanced By Plastic Surgery? Find Out And See Before, After Photos

Is Shay Mitchells Ongoing Slay Enhanced By Plastic Surgery? Find Out And See Before, After Photos

Beautiful, beautiful girl! Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell has always been known for her striking features, and her beauty hasn't faded over the years. From hair color to makeup, the Ontario native tries to change her look. However, fans online are wondering if plastic surgery has affected her permanent glow.

The founder of Beis Luggage has not publicly admitted to being stabbed. however, she's not shy about sharing how she brings her look to life. Shay underwent IPL (intense pulsed light treatment) for melasma after giving birth to daughter Atlas in October 2019.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, melasma is "a skin condition that causes patches and blemishes, usually on the face, that are darker than your natural skin tone," and often occurs during pregnancy. or excessive sun exposure.

Shay actually invited her fans online for an appointment to treat the skin condition in August 2020.

“I want to show you without a filter. This is my little piece of melasma," she said in an Instagram video, showing her eye and upper lip. "And those are the common areas where melasma occurs. But that's exactly what happens to new moms out in the sun."

Apart from corrective treatments, the Dollface actress takes very good care of her skin. Shay shared a step-by-step with Vogue during her 2022 Beauty Secrets video, which featured face masks and skincare hacks.

"I'm a big believer in anything that can be done to lighten skin. So if I'm going to an event or a photo shoot, I want to make sure I don't load up on sodium a few days beforehand because my skin swells up pretty easily," she said. 11 minute video interview "I drink a lot of water, I don't eat a lot of salt. I'm a big proponent of lymphatic drainage, especially for my body, but also for my face. Have you really noticed how much fluid your skin has released? And then another I sometimes sleep on my face, so sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I feel like a bloated little fish."

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After completing her makeup and skincare routine, Shay "adds" her moles above her lip and under her left eye with a freckle pencil. As a final (and most important) touch, the businesswoman polishes her neck and chest with a body scrub.

Keep scrolling to see photos of Shay Mitchell's transformations over the years.

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