Horror Movie, “Smile”, Review

Horror Movie, “Smile”, Review

The other day my friends and I went to see a new horror movie . I was nervous going into the cinema because although I love cinema, I usually don’t like horror movies. The last thing my wild imagination needs is something tangible to work with, so I don’t like this genre very often. However, with the support of my friends, I bravely shot the film and survived to tell the tale, although I can’t say I didn’t get off without a hitch.  

The film scored 1970 on Rotten Tomatoes and has a score of 6.8 on IMBD. Both ratings are high for a genre that has struggled to please audiences. So I was expecting a great movie and I can’t say I was totally disappointed. The film has all the typical elements you would expect from a horror film. However, there were also many uncertainties. Once I had a strong idea of ​​the plot, I couldn’t wait to see how it would end. The film was consistently attracting attention due to its good action and good performances by the lead characters. But I do have a few criticisms, though I won’t say too much.  

I think the movie would have been scarier if the main villain had been a little less obvious. The unknown allows the imagination to personalize the viewer’s fears, creating a more terrifying experience. It also leaves more room for the powerful symbolism of presence and its connection to mental health. I think it is possible to examine the history of existence in depth. To get to the bottom of it, the characters delve deep into the past and discover that this malevolent entity has claimed several victims in the past. However, they do not attempt to trace the origin of the entity or trace events back to their source. It can be fun and help the characters. However, I would say that the movie ends in a way that leaves the door open for a sequel or prequel, so the writers are saving the creation story for another movie. As a psychological thriller horror film, Smile succeeds. I left the theater feeling anxious and uncomfortable, feeling like the ending was unpredictable, and frustrated that I didn’t get the ending my mind wanted, but maybe scarier and more realistic. . Overall, I think it’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of the genre.  

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