No 10 Says Checks Being Made Into ‘serious Claim Williamson Told Official To ‘slit Your Throat UK Politics Live

No 10 Says Checks Being Made Into ‘serious Claim Williamson Told Official To ‘slit Your Throat UK Politics Live

Good morning. Tony Blair’s communications chief Alastair Campbell says if news scandals continue to dominate the news for more than a few days, the minister involved should quit. No one knows exactly how many days (13, 11 a week? Campbell himself has forgotten), but the basic principles make sense and should be of serious concern to Cabinet Minister Sir Gavin Williamson. Last Friday, Turtle’s Kat Neilan reported that former whip Wendy Morton had complained to CCHQ about Williamson. The story reached the fifth day and did not go far, it grew like a snowball. Important event this morning.

  • Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper described the language Williamson used in the incident as “absolutely appalling”. In an interview on the Today show, he also stated that while he denied, he did not deny that Williamson used the language in Pippa’s report. Cooper said:

It does not deny the use of language. The language is horrible and you can’t imagine how people are treated in the workplace.

Gavin Williamson was appointed to the cabinet, although Rishi Suna was aware of the new complaints against him. He also admitted that the wording of the previous complaint was unacceptable.

Note that he elevated the National Security Council to a cabinet supporting him, even though Gavin Williamson was previously sacked by Theresa May for leaking information from the National Security Council.

We also have another case where Rishi Suna reappointed Suella Braverman just six days after she was fired over ministerial code and security lapses, and since then more information and allegations of security breaches and investigations have come to light. too

You don’t have proper standards, you lack ethics. We haven’t appointed an ethics adviser yet and [the Tories] don’t take security seriously either.

  • Morton took his complaint against Williamson to the Independent Complaints and Complaints Scheme, a parliamentary scheme set up to deal with allegations of abuse against MPs. He had previously complained to CCHQ. This fact was significant to Williamson because the ICGS investigation was thorough and impartial, while the CCHQ investigation was less independent and opaque. ICTU can also propose expulsion of MPs as punishment. Stephen Swinford of The Times spoke about the new development.

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  • Former Education Secretary Nikki Morgan said she was not surprised by the allegations against Williamson, based on her experience in government. “ Unfortunately, Gavin doesn’t have a very good reputation and I don’t know why they made Rishi Suna come back to the government,” he said. Asked if Williamson should be fired, Morgan said it would be “very difficult” for Suna not to ask for his resignation. At first, Williamson said it was better to resign. He said these words last night on Talk TV.

Here is today’s agenda.

In the morning: Altar wardrobe.

11.30. Downing Street speech in the lobby.

11:30: Secretary of State James Cleverley answers questions in the House of Commons.

From 12:30 p.m. MPs begin debating Labour’s proposal to keep the government in triple lock for the 2023-24 financial year.

13.10 (UK time). Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaks at a panel discussion on Cop27 casualties and damage.

16:00 Around 00:00 , MPs begin debating the decision to reappoint Braverman as home secretary and a Labor bid to force the government to release government documents about security breaches or related leaks.

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