Conroes Honor Café To Be Featured On ‘Texas Bucket List Show

Conroes Honor Café To Be Featured On ‘Texas Bucket List Show

Veterans friendly Cafe Honor will be on the Texas Wish List as part of the Veterans Day section.

Located near Conroe Square, the restaurant is owned by Chris and Mandy Sadler. Chris is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Honor Café opened in July 2020 as a place for veterans, and the walls of the restaurant are lined with many unique military memorabilia donated by patrons and patrons of the restaurant.

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The Texas Wish List is a weekly television show hosted by Shane McAuliffe and produced by McAuliffe Productions in College Station. McAuliffe travels the state visiting Lone Star State restaurants, historic sites and popular attractions.

The Honor Café episode will air on KPRC 2 on November 12 at 5:30 p.m. Following the broadcast, this segment will be available on The Texas Bucket List YouTube channel.

The tribute is Conroy's third appearance, following God's Garage in April 2021 and June 2021, and McAuliffe interviews Jimmy C. Edwards III, chairman of the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Commission, for a segment on the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial. . Park released in November.

When McAuliffe interviewed Edwards, he was already planning to return to Conroe to participate in the 2022 Veterans Day episode of the Honor Cafe series.

McAuliffe taped an interview with Chris Sadler at a restaurant on October 11.

He also interviewed retired USMC Lt. Gen. Stephen Hammer and US Navy veteran Ed Kelly.

Sadler, who grew up in Deer Park, has military and law enforcement in her family. After seven years in the Marine Corps with tours in Liberia, Haiti and Bosnia, Sadler joined law enforcement in Pasadena and later opened several businesses in Montgomery County.

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Now, Sadler and his family, including his brother Josh, mother Paula and stepfather Dan, bring the camaraderie of eating together to Honor Cafe.

The menu features Latin-inspired American comfort food. Oscar Sandoval, a native of Houston's Xochi restaurant, is the executive chef.

As the restaurant prepares to open, Sadler suggested customers bring photos or memorabilia of their favorite soldiers to hang on the restaurant's walls. Now the place is filled from floor to ceiling with military memorabilia.

"I think a lot of people find peace here. It's not just great food, it's so much more," he said. Organically, it has become a meeting place for various organizations.

The restaurant hosts nonprofit organizations that support veterans, such as Spring Creek Blue Star Mothers and Combined Arms Operation Brown Bag, among others.

Heather Herlong, president of Spring Creek Blue Star Mothers, is also a US Army veteran and spends a lot of time at the Honor Cafe.

“Whether you're having a bad day as a veteran or a great day and want to celebrate, it's a place where people are there to hug you. They want to celebrate with you, they want to cry with you, and there are few places like that," said Herlong.

His brother, a veteran, also died during the epidemic, and the family was unable to serve him.

Instead, their whole family came to "Novor" cafe and hung their pictures on the wall.

"When we couldn't have the funeral, we were able to close it," he said. Now, when he comes to Cafe Honor, he tells people that he will have lunch with his brother. "It moves from a sense of mourning to a place of remembering and celebrating life, not just grieving."

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As an added bonus, he said the food was off the charts.

The show will feature two of Honor Café's main menu items, Honor Burger and Shrimp and Grits.

Sadler ate roasted grain grown in Pasadena.

"It took me about six years to realize that you can't eat whole grains the first day, so you can eat fried leftovers the next day," she said.

Honor Café makes polenta with cheese and herbs and grills it in triangles. Grilled shrimp and fried polenta are combined with lemon, butter cream and Bach sauce.

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The Honor Burger is a three-meat patty: brisket, ribs and sirloin. The patty is served on a brioche bun with avocado and garlic aioli, chili cheese, caramelized onions on top and pickled onions on the bottom.

Sadler is grateful for the support the Honor Café has received from the community and the national television attention it has received over the past two years.

"We're still struggling (after the outbreak). Making sure more people know who we are and where we are is very important to us," Sadler said.
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