Featured Artist Celebrates Fall And Her Hometown Of Sterling

Featured Artist Celebrates Fall And Her Hometown Of Sterling

Here's Gnome Place Like Home, the latest artist from Sterling Creations. Deb Montgomery celebrates fall and her hometown of Sterling for her latest gallery show.

In her latest collection you'll find some autumn-themed leprechaun paintings on wood paneling, some pumpkins and her first attempts at making resin ornaments, as well as some pastel creations depicting her favorite places around Stirling. While some places, like the outdoor pool at the Logan County Sterling Recreation Center and Chamber of Commerce, are obvious, others show only glimpses of the site, leading people to wonder what could have been, especially the four pieces where Sterling stopped his activity in the past. . .

"I knew I wanted to do something with local institutions, and then I wanted to figure out how to bring fall to life, so I decided to do fall signs," Montgomery said.

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He was inspired by Sterling's creations when he saw some of his creations labeled Colorado Made; He then created a small sterling stamp with the Logan County Courthouse, which Sterling describes as going so far as to create pastel drawings of various locations for co-ops to use in their artwork.

Montgomery decided to focus on pastels because it is currently her favorite medium. She appeared at this year's Logan County Fair and has returned to pastels after a hiatus.

“I really like them, it's so much fun to put them in black and you have to really think about painting what you normally do because normally you have white and you have to add black, but start with ombre. You need to increase your light. So it's an interesting dynamic," Montgomery said.

As for how he chose the locations to be included in the exhibit, Montgomery said the buildings were first and foremost important to his family. Baja tacos, for example, are a family staple, and her daughters still come from Denver to Sterling to enjoy the food.

“I always thought the Fox Theater building was really cool, especially on days when you go upstairs and you have a balcony, and then the Camera Building is cool because it's an old warehouse,” Montgomery said.

Take a closer look at Fox 5's movie schedule and you'll see that the theater is showing a number of old classics, including Star Wars, The Shining, Footloose, Dirty Dancing and The Goonies.

He also added a pastel painting of the Sterling Water Tower on Front Street, with the little train in the foreground, because it's kind of a symbol of Sterling.

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"I started to get ideas about what might happen if I did something more abstract," Montgomery said, and then I created little pieces that represented that space.

When asked if there are any other locations he would like to use for his films, the artist replied that he started making collages with the old Great Western Sugar Beet Factory a few years ago and is trying to come to terms with it. . Show, but not finished.

“I still have it, maybe I'll do something with it again. Growing up, all my dad did was raise sugar bees, so that's a special memory for me, collecting sugar bees," Montgomery said.

You can meet the artist this Friday from 11:30 am to 6 pm at Sterling Creations' First Friday Open House, 129 N. Third St. There will be treats, door prizes and crafts.

Montgomery's work will be on display throughout October and visitors can come see it at any time. The opening hours of the gallery are from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm

Sterling Creations will also join the Logan County Arts League's Artsober celebration with Halloween Color Nights on October 8, 14, 15, 16 and 23, Pop-up Color Night on October 21 and 28 and Kids' Color on October 22 at 2 o'clock. pm Learn more about one of these events To find out, visit https://sterlingcreativesl.wixsite.com or like Sterling Creatives on Facebook.

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