Bachelorettes Tino Franco Tells All On ‘The Viall Files Podcast After Rachel Recchia Split: Quotes

Bachelorettes Tino Franco Tells All On ‘The Viall Files Podcast After Rachel Recchia Split: Quotes

Speaking of his part. Former Bachelorette contestant Tino Franco gave his first interview since breaking up with girlfriend Rachel Recchia during an appearance on Nick Viall's The Viall Files podcast on Thursday, October 20.

28-year-old Tino and 26-year-old Rachel met in the 19th season of the series "The Bachelorette ". She was the favorite throughout the season and eventually got engaged during the finale after she ended up with her main rivals Tyler Norris and Evan Jones .

Their happiness was short-lived when viewers saw the leading man break up with Tino during the happy couple's post-season weekend after he confessed to cheating on her. Following their highly publicized breakup, Rachel shared her version of events during an appearance on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with Bachelor Nation hosts Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young . 

"He has his story and he has the right to tell it, but Gabby and my family and my friends know that there was never a time when we were apart," Piloti began, suggesting that he and Tino were on vacation , when he kissed. . another woman. “There was never a moment when our engagement was broken. Have we had a conversation about focusing on dating and actually doing it? Yes."

Rachel admitted that Tino must have been "confused" about wanting to focus more on dating than being engaged, and noted that they are "struggling" as a couple.

“I don't think there is an excuse. I'm not making excuses, but I never said I was returning the ring. I never said our engagement was over. He was just upset that we were in a bad place," he said. continued, "Instead of sitting down and acting like me, he ran into someone he saw right before the show. That's where the war is."

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In addition to keeping his infidelity from her "for weeks," Tino raised a red flag with Rachel as the details of what happened to her kept changing.

“Every time he told his story, something changed, a detail changed. First it was a kiss at a party, then it was a kiss in a taxi to his house where his car was parked, so what is this story about? straight story."

Now that you've read Rachel's side, keep scrolling to see what Tino had to say on The Vial Files podcast.

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