Bad News, Bears Fans! Ryan Poles’ Draft Impressed, But Chicago Destined For NFC North Cellar

Bad News, Bears Fans! Ryan Poles' Draft Impressed, But Chicago Destined For NFC North Cellar

The 2023 NFL Draft is in the books and one thing Chicago Bears fans should keep an eye on is what general manager Ryan Pols accomplished this weekend. Hope

There are plenty of reasons to be excited. Chicago added 10 new players in the draft and may have replaced some great players.

In fact, if I had to rate a Polish project, I would give it a B plus. But we still haven't scheduled the Ribbon Parade and the celebration in Grant Park.

Chicago Bears preliminary estimates. Here's an expert analysis of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Did the Bears meet their most pressing needs by drafting Darnell Wright 10th overall? Absolutely.

Did Chicago have the better offense with Northwestern's Piotr Skoronski? Time will show us.

It's an option for every choice the bears make.

Have the bears satisfied their desperate need? Sure, but to be honest there was a lot to fill out.

And I still am. That's what happens when you post the league's worst record.

The Chicago Bears selected in the 2023 draft. Here is a list of Chicago's NFL picks in 2023.

The Bears will undoubtedly be the best team with talent acquired through free agency and the draft.

Wide receiver DJ Moore and linebacker Tremaine Edmunds will be on their respective sides of the ball. Fourth-round draft picks Tyler Scott and RoShawn Johnson add intrigue on offense, and let's not forget defenseman Tyreke Stevenson's big lead in the second round.

I mean, Johnson will most likely be in contention for the starting quarterback job even though Khalil Herbert averaged 5.7 yards per carry last season.

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NFL Draft. The Chicago Bears have had 96 first-round picks since 1936. Here's the list.

Let's stop this celebration of love and take a look at NFC North's hand-picked teams.

Detroit Lions. improve the Minnesota Vikings? Improved, although slightly. Unfortunately, both teams were already better.

What about the Green Bay Packers without Aaron Rodgers, you ask? They got even better by designing weapons for their new young quarterback, Jordan Love. And given the Packers' record as a quarterback (see also: Rodgers, Brett Favre, Bart Starr), why should we expect any less from Love?

Bears fans should enjoy watching their young team grow in 2023, but enjoy the season knowing another fourth-place finish can likely be expected in 2024.

Throw in another draft this weekend and Chicago could be the NFC North's biggest threat in 2024.

Chris Sims is a digital producer for Star magazine. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisFSims.

This article originally appeared in Star magazine. Performs cross-sectional analysis. The pick won't get Chicago out of the NFC North basement

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