Wojak Finance Launches ProfileToEarn Based NFTs Amidst The Bear Market

Wojak Finance Launches ProfileToEarn Based NFTs Amidst The Bear Market

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – (Newsfile Corporation – Dec 29, 2022) – Wojak Finance, a new "Profile to Win" solution is giving a big boost to the popular "Game to Win" trend in the Web3 industry. They published a set of NFTs based on a new revenue profiling solution. This collection aims to capitalize on the meme phenomenon and bring the entire meme and crypto community together.


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The purpose of the pool is to attract WOJ token buyers who change their social media profile picture from NFT Pool to Wojakian.

This is a new approach based on playing to win and being able to earn money with a winning profile. Anyone can use NFT to win by simply changing their profile picture. A reliable launch pad consists of the following elements.

  • Partner with Certik, a leading smart contract security assessment company

  • P2E (Profile-to-earn! A real solution in the world of cryptocurrency)

  • Fixed marketing campaign budget

  • Professional development and marketing team

  • Collaboration with famous influencers

Wojakian NFT collectors will have direct access to the ecosystem (app) where they can find profiles that track public currencies.

A beta version of the Wojakians app has also been released. Owners can now use Wojakians' NFTs and enjoy their unique features.

This is a beta version and our technical team welcomes everyone as pioneers to use this platform.

About Voyak Finance

Wojakians NFTs is a Web3 Pay-to-Play (P2E) profile ecosystem where people earn WOJ tokens as rewards. Designed in a way that most people use NFTs, the WOJ token will be higher.

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The Wojak ecosystem aims to become the next big meme token by introducing the first ad metaverse for future monetization.

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