Why You Should Use Windows Graphics

Humans are first and foremost visual animals, and even though we keep saying we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we can’t help but do so. In fact, according to experts images are processed by our brain not double, triple, or ten times faster, but an incredibly astounding 60,000 times faster than text. And if that doesn’t settle it, well, nothing will.

So what does this mean for you as a business owner? Well, it means that to stand out you’ll need window graphics in Las Vegas, but instead of just telling you to get one printed today, we’d like to go more into depth so you are 100% convinced.

Get people invested on your brand

The main advantage of storefront window graphics is that they immediately catch the attention of people passing by, and that means it’s an ad campaign you don’t have to pay to renew. Nowadays we have an excess of information in our environment, and that means that our brains are likely to turn off certain stimuli if they aren’t strong enough: Case in point, text.

Can you honestly say that you read every single advert text you run into while walking outside? Nobody can short of stopping on every single block, so text alone doesn’t cut today’s marketing space. However, what about vibrant window murals?

As we said above the brain picks up visual information much faster than it does text, and that means that if you get a strong enough visual impact in the first few seconds people will turn around to see what you are offering. And once that initial attention grab has been pulled off, they will continue to read the text or enter your store.

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So if you want heads to turn when your store comes into sight you’ll need to invest in business window decals.

It's much, much more affordable than the alternatives
It’s much, much more affordable than the alternatives

While word of mouth goes a long way to establish a business, it’s also undeniable that these sorts of things take time. And if you need to break even before the end of the month then chances are you’ll start looking into other promotional campaigns. But what are the main alternatives then?

Nowadays all ads are online, whether that means YouTube, Facebook, or Google. However paid campaigns are of course costly, and you need to renew your payment every so often based on time or clicks, which means that they can be a considerable money sink before you start seeing the benefits. And unfortunately, if you choose to helm a campaign all on your own through your social media outlets you’ll be competing with thousands of other posts and links, so it’ll be hard to generate a real impact.

On the other hand window graphics only take one payment and work as continuous advertising for your business. If you are open people will be able to understand what your business is about without any further queries, and if your business is closed it’s still functionally your personal promotional banner.

You are basically getting free ad space for people near your business, and that’s just solid marketing any way you spin it.

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